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Why obesity affects female fertility


Obesity is defined as an accumulation of abnormal or excessive fat that can be harmful to health, because it a risk factor for many chronic diseasesIncluding diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are included.

In addition, obesity is also It affects the reproductive health at all stages of their development: at the time of conception, pregnancy (increases both maternal and fetal complications) and a future life the boy (because it predisposes to the disease in the elderly).

"With the increase in body mass index, This reduces the likelihood of spontaneous conception in women, In men, there is also a link between weight gain and decreased reproductive capacity, "he said ConBienestar Fernando Neuspiller (MN: 82815), a gynecologist specialist in the field of reproductive medicine and director of the IVI Buenos Aires.

In addition to reducing the chances of getting pregnant naturally, obesity and It can be a complication during maintenance treatment playback, Excess weight reduces the chances of success, because it affects the ovarian response to stimulation; increases the complications associated with ovarian puncture; and reduces the rate of implantation in the treatment of high complexity and the possibility of having a healthy newborn at home.

"Obesity is associated with an increase in the number of abortions and Complications during pregnancyFor mother and fetus. In the processing of donated eggs is also observed reduction results in higher weight patients, "said the expert.

"Obesity is associated with an increased level of abortions and complications during pregnancy"

During pregnancy, Obesity can lead:

-increase in the risk spontaneous abortion.

-Increase fetal malformations.

-increase significant drop preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

-Parto premature.

-Parto complex.

-more index cesarean and their complications.

"In the immediate postpartum greater number of observed neonatal complications. most stay in neonatology. decreased breastfeeding and increased risk neonatal death"Said Neuspiller.

But the negative effects of obesity are found not only in the moment of conception, pregnancy and childbirth, but for the life of the child. Children born to mothers who are obese They have an increased incidence of adult diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, impaired reproductive or some types of cancer, among others.

Given this context, women are obese may benefit from deferred embryo transfer, This method, which is to aid fertilization treatment, to form embryos in the laboratory and crioconservarlos must be transmitted in a later cycle.

As for the success rate of this treatment, a specialist in the field of assisted reproduction considered: "Each case must be evaluated and adapted to the individual patient In some clinics some strategies already considered obsolete are still used, but now the transfer. only genetically normal embryo with a delay loop with & # 39 is the purpose of reproductive medicine. This allows you to get the best rates of implantation with a low incidence of complicationsAs the mother and the fetus, and achieve the ultimate goal, to have a child that is born healthy home. "

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