Tuesday , April 7 2020
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With record speed, the dollar fell for a second day | chronicle


After the central bank announced a new monetary policy, as well as Tuesday Leliq take rate to its highest level, the average 73 930%, the dollar managed to close lower for the second consecutive time the wheel.

According to the median marks the monetary authorities, the dollar fell by 24 cents to settle at 43.15 pesos for the purchase and for sale closed in 45.36.

The highest price was recorded ICBC to 45.70, while in the country, which, as a rule, the lowest on the market, the bank closed at 45.20 for sale and 43.20 for purchase.

At the wholesale level in a single exchange market, and Free (MULC), the currency fell by 48 cents and was at 43.85.

At the same time, the BCRA has supported an average speed of 8 days Leliq 73,93%, the highest level since October 1, when the current monetary policy program intended to & # 39 is a zero expansion of the monetary base was started to control inflation,

Maximum speed up to now, has not been confirmed on October 8 last year, when it closed at 73.50%.

On the & # 39; the dollar volume of trading in the cash segment amounted to $ 729.9 million dollars in the segment of the future US MAE have been made in the market of F & # 39; yuchersav Rofex 101 million $, 2.044 billion Yankee coin, 27% more than the next day last Monday.

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