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With the new recording speed and strategy of currency, the dollar went down again and closed at $ 45.36


ticket He retreated 24 cents banks and institutions of the city of Buenos Aires, according to the average, so that within two days posted The loss of 3.3%.

in Free Exchange Market (MULC) currency lost 18 cents to $ 44.15In the circle under the influence of trade union action and the absence of some major players in the area.

FIELD power and disarmament position sensed with some intensity in the first stage of the day, the period in which at least $ 43.50, eighty-two and a half cents below the previous scored end.

However, the restructuring of the demand from the purchase orders for some banks to mesverificada early in the second half of the session led to a recovery in prices, surpassing the mark of $ 44 times – we scored a maximum of $ 44.39.

In the epilogue, buying pressure value diluted and stepped to accommodate the closure in a somewhat lower level Thursday.

"It was noted the need to put an end to the peso at the end of the month and there have been some sales of cereal exporters (Monday sold nearly $ s 200 million) than they did in the last minute to $ 44.15" They commented on the ABC market changes.

central bank He made two auctions for Treasury bills and $ 30 million each year. Total operated on changes He fell almost 25% to U $ S 730 million with operations in the f & # 39 markets yuchersav MAE for a total of U $ S 101 million.

A slight drop on Tuesday, the dollar gained in a month increase of 80 cents (+ 1.8%), wholesale area, and the onset of 96 cents on the retail market (+ 2.2%). In both cases, a minor correction to the strong adjustment in was exhibited in March last year.

"Normalization of parentheses after the holiday tomorrow, will make it possible to obtain a more complete picture of the effectiveness of measures taken on Monday, and the impact they will have on the evolution of the dollar in the short term"He analyzed the operator Gusdtavo Quintana.

According to an official of the & # 39; Java on Monday, monetary authority may sell dollars, if the exchange was located below the target limit of $ 51.448. A person in this sense, does not specify how often or how the amount of intervention in the market, if it deems it necessary.

The Committee on Monetary Policy (Copom) also found that, if the exchange was located above the $ 51.448, an increase of BCRA from U $ S 150 U $ s 250 million for & # 39; daily volume of dollar sales.

In the market they believe that the new official strategy for the period to strengthen the peso against the dollar will be opened, which will closely monitor the possible consequences (llamese exchange rate appreciation).

"It will be important that any real appreciation of the peso, to open at this stage can not be overstated, because with still high inflation, it will feed the delay, which will invite the time foreign investors and local investors to increase demand for baratos & # 39; & # 39; dólares «said one analyst.


rates Leliq steeper upward trend on Tuesday and reached a nominal record in Macro was the loss of 74%.

Central and confirmed by another rise in the output of the test, which began on 73.93%.

The preliminary maximum on 8 October last year, shortly after the start of the new growth of the monetary program of the zero of the monetary base and the money supply, announced the head of the legal person, Guido Sandleris.

Total compensation amounted to $ 183.348 billion in the scheme of the two daily auctions, compared with the period of US $ 185 675 million (hence the market amounted to $ 2.327 billion Volvo).

In the first auction day Leliq, 8-day period, the Central Bank has received $ 104.4 billion at a maximum rate of 74.20%, of at least 72,246%. That is, an average of 73.939% cut speed.

In the second auction the amount of compensation was $ 78,948 million with a maximum rate of 74.24% award at least 72 496% and the average rate of 73,919%.

other markets

In the informal market, Blue rose 93 cents to $ 46, and he ended the month higher than the official, according to a survey of the environment in the caves from the center of Buenos Aires. In April, in parallel accumulated growth by 5.4%.

In the money market, call money between banks, which operate at about 70%.

In the futures market ROFEX, on the & # 39; the trade volume increased by 27% to US $ s 2044 million dollars and terms have fallen by an average of 30 cents.

Most companies are still in the short term, although less concentrated medida.Esta a short time more than 55% of the total & # 39; volume operado.Los final prices for these months, April and May were $ 44.02 and $ 46, 30, which gives the speed to roll over 60.98%.

On the & # 39; the long-term volume was September, which closed at $ 55.36 (60.18% TNA).

And finally, Gross international reserves of the Central Bank fell Monday at $ s 154 million U $ s 71,744 Mill.

It should be noted that the Central Bank has ceased to report a breakdown of reserves, not to inform the market of its new strategy to curb the dollar, according to sources of the monetary authorities to

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