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You are not alone: ​​Belgrano fans checkered flag at the


"The old and glorious Belgrano, heart unsurpassed …". Scream sounded hard this morning near the hotel, where the "Pirate" focused on Bolivar Street, a few meters from the Plaza de Mayo.

This Cordoba though the public not to be today at the stadium Lanús ban on visiting fans, a subsidiary of Buenos Aires raised the checkered flag on Sunday to support the team in the preview of the "end" that day.

With drums, flags and smoke plume, the fans came to inspire other critical moment. Many of them will be present in court today Lanús as "neutral."

Players came out to greet them and paid for a photo. Of course, in 1315 it will be, if the players do you have to answer to the fans.

Because today Belgrano life match will be played in order to stay in Super League. You have to win or not to win, to achieve the results of the last date, depending on the other, not to go to the National B.

Yesterday's defeat of Trustees in Mendoza left him three points below entrerrianos and with a game in hand.

without speculation

Belgrano Lanus jump to the field knowing it is clear that in order to get what is good and what does not serve you. You can not speculate and see what happens. He & # 39 is a key player in the near future, because the truth is that it takes more than 11 months without a win outside their stadium, but this time, when the short must demonstrate that they are at the height of the circumstances for which it is He hired.

There's no room for speculation, and see what happens later, because the future is already here, and now it has come that obliges win.

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