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YPF announced that it has increased its fuel from midnight


The new values ​​will take effect Sunday at 00 Source: Archive

One day after Argentina Raizen brand -licenciataria


in the country to announce an increase in

their fuel

, the state


He said it would also increase; where appropriate, by 4.5 percent on average.

Sunday 00 new values ​​in the fuel pumps in Buenos Aires YPF will change as follows:

  • Premium gasoline is more than $ 38.67 to $ 40.43, an increase of 4.55%
  • Infinia oil exceeds $ 44.62 to $ 46.65, an increase of 4.55%
  • Diesel is more than $ 36.17 to $ 37.94, an increase of 4.89%
  • While Infinia Diesel $ 42.33 to $ 44.40, an increase of 4.89%

Like its competitor, YPF said that the main reason for a & # 39 is a 10% increase in the value of the dollar during the month of March. As expected, the change is subject to currency movement and the price of Brent, the international oil prices.

The increase is also associated with an increase in Fuels tax (ILC), which is renewed


accumulated in the last quarter, and the government decided to divide between March and April. The first ascent was made in early March.

"The prices announced by YPF are amongst the lowest in the region, as gasoline and diesel, as the attached tables," said the oil company said in a statement.

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