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YPF has increased by almost 5% of the cost of fuel – 2019/03/30


YPF announced that it will raise the prices of their fuel from midnight on Sunday. Adjustment of 4.55% and 4.89% in gasoline in diesel fuel.

Thus, by reference price per liter super oil Capital Federal will be $ 40.43 and diesel $ 37.94.

The increase in oil thus added to the already implemented of Shell, who run today. And the rest of the oil, which will add to an increase in the coming hours, and Puma (tomorrow) and Axion continues to control the market, but will stick YPF.

"The increase reflects the effect of key variables shaping rate, such as an increase in the tax on fuel oil (ICL) and carbon dioxide (IDC), the exchange rate and the variation in the price of Brent," explained an official statement of oil.

"In the context of the volatility of the variables that determine the price of fuel, YPF sought dynamically adjust their prices in recent months in order to mitigate the effects of increased consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel: the market has suffered a decline, he -6.3% in the last six months" he said.

The Company cautions that the reference price of fuel in areas of federal capital may vary depending on the allocation of costs for the supply of the various provinces.

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