Sunday , April 5 2020
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YPF rose by 4% in fuel prices across the country


On Tuesday, 7 entered into force YPF to increase fuel markets across the country, are reported according to company spokesmen Infobae, Increase of 4% on average.

A leader in the Argentine market with a market share of 55%, and the condition of the oil was added to the decision taken yesterday evening Axion, noting the value of 6 percent. It is expected that in the coming hours Shell can perform a similar action.

In the case of YPF, gasoline recorded an increase of 3.9 percent. Diesel went up by 4.5 percent.

After growing suppliers of Buenos Aires current prices: $ 42.01 for premium gasoline, $ 48.47 for premium gasoline, diesel fuel and $ 39.65 for a $ 46.40 premium diesel fuel for.

Increases of fuel is determined on the basis of two variables: the dollar and oil prices of Brent. The US currency has risen by about 9% in the last week Monday closed at $ 45.60 on the retail tranche; On the other hand, Brent cost has risen from USD 67,70 per barrelIn late March, USD 73 current (About 8%).

However, since the oil companies explained that the increase was lower than the growth of the dollar and international oil prices, They have not been transferred in full & # 39; volume to fuel prices.

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