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18,000mAh phone battery Energizer monster in this flop Indiegogo


Name Energizer featured at Mobile World Congress this year, courtesy of a prototype Android smartphone that was about an inch thick, consisting mainly of giant battery. 18,000mAh Energizer Power Max P18K Pop previous something Avenir Telecom, the company licensing the battery brand name for use on phones like the mass production and bring to the market this summer. After this successful debut MWC P18K Pop was on Indiegogo with the early-bird price of $ 549, the promised delivery window in October 2019, and upbeat purpose $ 1,200,000 in general about the & # 39; the amount of financing.

Today, the company Indiegogo Abner for Energizer batteries, phone-in, he concluded with a whimper, having accumulated $ 15005 in poor pledged support. Since the company has fallen 99 percent from achieving its original purpose, and by all means caused him to be fully funded, all the exercises seem to have been in vain. Again, given how many companies use Crowdfunding platform, primarily as a marketing leverage, there is a reasonable argument to be made that the Avenir Telecom, probably never thought he could go beyond the prototype stage with his dad P18K .

Counting for the company can be read as simple as "let's do something to attract the attention of people, throw it on Indiegogo with unlikely to finance, and only in the event that people go wild over him should we build something." People do you find the Energizer brand brick phone battery is a hybrid of fun and interesting to see, but when it came time to put money on turning it into a real product, the enthusiasm was obviously far less than the rich.

Well, at least now we know that there are limits to our desires large batteries forever.

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