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7 nm «» Navi GPU & CPU «Rome» to launch in Q3


Offering a brief update on the status of future products as part of its post-earnings conference this afternoon, AMD confirmed that their future Rome (Zen 2) C and their first Navi GPU architecture will be launched in the 3rd quarter of this year,

AMD's Rome, of course, needs no introduction. The first product from AMD based on their architecture Zen 2, the chip is built on a process 7nm TSMC and has to offer some nice performance improvements and power efficiency. Of particular note, the chip includes a chiplet-based approach to the design of new for AMD, on the use of a separate I / O and CPU die to simplify manufacturing and provide a simpler configuration of the chip.

The processor EPYC second generation AMD, we expect Rome to be a big battle server for AMD – while the first generation EPYC mainly to test the water and prove AMD readiness, Rome is where AMD, can finally start winning large customer orders, in general, AMD says that the processor will be sampling this quarter and the launch in the 3rd quarter; even if it is something like an Intel server starts, all the big empty hyperscalers may end up consuming all of the original proposal.

Meanwhile Navi with & # 39 architecture is the next generation Code from AMD GPUs. The first Navi GPU, which is also built on 7nm TSMC process, preparing for launch in Q3 of this year. It should be noted that no one Navi GPU, but should be a family of graphics processors (like traditional graphics processor), so that it is not clear what kind of model starts – if it leads in the middle range, or otherwise. Other comments on their conference, AMD said that Navi will be sold at a price lower than the Radeon VII, but at $ 699 for their most expensive store cards, it does not narrow things down. Overall, Q3 will be 2 years since the GPU architecture, AMD launched the Vega, and has since the North, so that the whole stack GPU from AMD is potentially up for updates during generation Navi.

In terms of technology, we know very little about Navi architecture until now. But if there is the launch of the Q3, it will, no doubt, will soon change.

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