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A bright flash of a meteor lit up the night sky of North Florida


Local station. (WCJB) – (Reduced pictured above with Leonid meteor shower in 2009, and not from the event)

It is from this world! Social Media lighting with 100s of comments, photos and video, after a very bright meteor (known as the fireball) lit up the night sky across North Florida.

Fireball fell from the sky near Perry, Florida in Taylor County about 11:52 pm EDT on Saturday, according to the share of the National Service out & # 39; I'm in Tallahassee. Fireballs can be seen from miles 100s including Gainesville. Reports of the sighting come from all over Florida and as far as Alabama and Georgia. Tweets to the National Weather Service show that people in the county of Taylor heard a loud noise from the fireball.

The location of this fireball satellite product was found out & # 39; I, which is used to track lightning in a thunderstorm. Data mapping geostationary Lightning (GLM) on GOES-16 weather satellite lifted on the bright meteor in Taylor County. Like lightning, ball lightning is also very bright and thus GLM products can raise them.

Bright meteor visible only for a few seconds because of their high speed.
From early morning on Sunday, it is not known whether the space rock hit the ground or broken up in the atmosphere before it hit.

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