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AirPower Apple, no more (for now) – Pickr


If you are interested in an all-in-one wireless charger for Apple's iPhone, AirPods and Apple, Watch, you may have to look elsewhere.

There's a bit of bad news for people who are keen to cut the cords to their iLife this week, with the news of the canceled project for Apple.

Nha Long delays Apple, AirPower wireless charging mat is no longer, at least in its current capacity, with Apple's, confirming at least one website that the project has been killed, at least in his current capacity.

In the past few days, Apple has confirmed an overseas website TechCrunch that AirPower seems dead, with Dan Ritchie, senior vice president of Hardware Engineering, advice that the product "does not achieve high standards" and thus was canceled, adding, that "we continue to believe that the future of wireless, and seeks to push forward the wireless experience."

Despite the fact that bad news for people who are keen to charge like a lot of Apple products in their lives SANS cables, it is at least better than Apple, releasing a product that was not up to spec, and possibly overheated wireless bond charged products in question.

And while it can be argued that you can find charging mats that charge several gadgets have unique take on Apple's wireless charging pad would require a different approach.

Currently, iPhone and AirPods wireless charging case, hope for the same Qi wireless technology standard, used by other devices, including some supported by Android phones, but Apple's, the watch will require something else as a whole, and not to write off the wireless charging mat alone. This means that the company Apple AirPower was not likely to be your regular wireless charging mat, and therefore require some extra thought, although, apparently, not a & # 39 is a product that the company could be a nail, at least, in his current capacity.

We doubt that this is the end for AirPower that said, and I suspect that Apple will continue to work on it in one form or another, so you should not expect it in the near term.

Currently, if you want to charge everything wirelessly charged Apple products, without cables, you can consider a double charge mat like Cygnett and use the Apple charger, the clock on the side, or iPhone and watch the charging dock, like Belkin with USB-port to the rear is ideal for headphones. Until then, until someone cracks a double mat with Apple's connector, built-in clock, it can be among your best bets.

source: TechCrunch

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