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Bran Stark actor shows "nightmare" cast member


He played a leading role in one of the greatest television shows of all time.

But Isaac Hempstead Wright, who draws Bran Stark in the HBO series game of thrones, Says that to be on the set half of my life has not come without problems.

"It's pretty serious & # 39; serious set of" 20-year-old told

"There's not a lot of time fiddling."

The British actor who is in Sydney on a promotional tour for the Foxtel, said he never expected that his role as Bran Stark will be developed in such a significant character in the eighth and final series with a global & # 39; waking.

"With all the strange vision thing that Bran had, I always knew that there was something strange and unique about it," said Hempstead Wright of his character.

"But no one told me that it would be a three-eyed raven and exactly what it means. It was really fun going to the season of the season and see what happened to him.

"I remember, between the break between filming Season 6 and Season 7 of the directors were like," You've got some really cool stuff in the next season "."

character HEMPSTEAD Wright was a turning point in the plot of the current series game of thronesBut, having spent most of the past 10 years removed from his co-stars – including Maizie Williams (Ayra Stark), Harington (Jon Snow) and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) – last season was the most exciting even for a young actor.

"This was by far my favorite season (for the film)," he said.

"There are characters I never thought that I would interact. I never thought I would play against Emilia Clarke. This character I loved watching and seeing this woman to take responsibility and to take back the throne … and suddenly I get to talk to her and interact with her, and I loved it. "

But one of the main roles Hempstead Wright said he often presents as a comic call while on the set.

"Every time Conleth Hill (who plays Waris) in the scene with you, it's a nightmare," he laughed.

"That's because you have to work very hard not to let him break into you."

With only three episodes of the series to go, Hempstead Wright is preparing to start a new chapter in his life post game of thrones, Saying that he has no fear of breaking out of shape, "Votruba & # 39; e Stark."

"I am very grateful for (Branagh)," he said.

"I know there is a concern that when it (PRT) will determine your life, but you just can not think like that.

"It's pretty difficult to think that I probably made the most significant in my life already, but at least it was something really brilliant and the fact that people love. This, obviously, will follow us around for the rest of our lives, but it's not a horrible show, we were part … This is something that people really like and & # 39 is part of history, so as to have, that after you around a bit privilege ".

New episodes of Game of Thrones on stream now Foxtel and Foxtel screen on Mondays from 11am.

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