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Breaking: Huge championship match is announced for April 1 WWE Raw


WWE announced that Renaissance will protect them untreated Tag Team Championships against Alistair Black and Ricochet. The match will take place on April 1 edition Monday Night Raw.

Scott Dawson and dash Wilder were warmly with Black and Ricochet recently, so this match was, perhaps, inevitable. This is also an interesting bit of time, as the April 7-x WrestleMania 35 less than a week away from the game and many fans wondered why none of the teams has been ordered on the show.

At the time of this writing, 14 matches were booked for WrestleManiaSo it may well be that there simply is no room for untreated Tag team titles. Interestingly, the bring down Tag Team Championships and is not currently booked for Mania anything.

Revival has its supporters and those fans will not want to see the dash and Dawson lose 7 April duo just won belts and lose them now would probably be premature. But there is no doubt that the Black and Rick was on a roll since his arrival on the main roster.

The NXT honors were really thicken as a team, and it is quite possible that they will become the new champions of April 1, they will not WrestleMania It is not known, and the same is now true of the revival.

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