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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies 4 Survival Guide: Ancient Evil


latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies map, Ancient Evil, now available on PlayStation 4 to 26 March, and it is very fun to play.

This is the final card in the story of Chaos line that takes the player in Delphi, Greece. Ancient Evil zombies enter the boss ~ d Gegenees and some sweet new miracle weapon.

But how exactly you can do it in the high rounds on this new map? Here's everything you need to buy or open in order to survive in the ancient evil.

Will Apollo

Buildable shield has become a necessity in every last Zombies reflect but this new billboard in the ancient evil may be one of the best yet. And just like most boards, you need to find the three pieces that were scattered on the map to build the will of Apollo in Ancient Evil.

The first part can be found in three places in the Upper-road area. The second portion may be acquired after receipt killing Gegenees Golden bridle or the intersection Treasuries or Stoa Athenians. The third and final part can generate two possible places at the intersection Treasuries or one place on Stoa Athenians.

Once you have all three parts, the head of the market, where you will find a workbench that will allow you to work out the will of Apollo. This shield is even better than the general, because it is equipped with 15 mystical spear that create small portals on a roll.

You will definitely want to build Apollo will as soon as possible if you are playing an ancient evil.


Machine Pack-a-Punch is another important part of any zombie card. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to unlock the pack-a-punch in Ancient Evil.

There are five steps that you need to complete in order to unlock the pack-a-punch in this map.

1) Activate Sentinel artifact in the amphitheater.

2) Find the golden bridle, or at the intersection of Treasuries or STOA Athenians.

3) saddled Pegasus to Spartan Memorial you will enter a short cutscene, which takes you to the River of Sorrow.

4) Use Specialist weapon to free two eagles of the individual cells in the Python path, and Cliff Ruins.

5) The head of the World Center.

After you survive the ritual in the Center of the World, Pack-a-Punch machine with & # 39 will appear in this area. Now you're free to upgrade your weapons as often as you want.

Elemental gloves

Ancient Evil introduces four epic miracle weapon for zombie fans to enjoy. There are four basic mittens in the ancient evil, and you will need to follow specific steps for the creation and modernization of each of them.

Firstly, you need to find a sleeping hand. These on & # 39; objects are scattered all over the map. You can get a hint about where they are talking to Oracle's initial spawn room.

Once you have found a sleeping hand, you have to take it to one of the four shrines. After this short ritual, you can pick up labeled an updated version of the glove. To update the glove, you need to perform an additional step specific for this particular type of weapon, and then make another ritual.

Popular YouTuber NoahJ456 put together a great guide that easily shows you how to build and update each glove in Ancient Evil.

Pegasus Strike

Pegasus Strike Var & # 39; Jacek omnipotent piece of equipment that literally allows you to call the Pegasus to kill hordes of the living dead.

In order to build this item, you need to collect three pieces in the criminal part of the map. There are three possible spawn locations for each part. The first part can be found in the River of Sorrow. The second part will be in Python Pass, while the third part will be from & # 39; to appear in Cliff Ruins.

Once you have all three parts, the head in the blacksmith in Cliff Ruins, to build your Pegasus Strike. This item will replace all that is in slot equipment (R1 on PS4) -but trust us, it's certainly worth it.

Ancient Evil is a lot of fun and is probably one of the best available maps Black Ops 4 Zombies still. We strongly recommend that you try this card as soon as you get the chance.

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