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Customers want the stores to return cafe


This day is the fiftieth birthday Kmart, and celebrate the discount department store together old photographs illustrating their significant mark in the history of Australia.

But while many supporters loved atavism schnapps, nostalgic photos, seems to have unpleasant consequences for the brand, as it led to a call from the fans to "return" the much-loved features Kmart.

The image slideshow share on Instagram, the retailer asked his followers to remember his "favorite Kmart memory", it would seem, evoking memories of better times associated with fried potatoes and a signature sauce.

"Chips and gravy in your old cafe," wrote one fan.

"If they had a restaurant inside. You can shop and eat. It's always been a pleasure, "said another.

One person wrote: "Holly cafe, chips and gravy, today Kmart best memory."

"Wrinkles chips Holly," someone agreed.

And also admired hot chips and sauce memories were also stories of roast beef, chicken nuggets in pirate boxes, thick milkshakes and muffins with jam.

So how to share a post a few hours ago, fans demanded that the company brings the popular cafes, Holly.

"Return the cafe! They were beautiful! "I wrote one fan.

Someone wrote: "If the people who mention the cafe say whaaattt. I feel like I'm missing them back! "

"You Defoe should return Holly," agreed another.

Among the old photographs share – which included shooting full parking lots and cheesy promotional footage from back in the day – was an old ad that includes a transistor pocket radio for only $ 9.98 and a giant poof for the transaction $ 3.96.

Kmart opened its first store in Burwood East, Victoria April 30, 1969 with the settlement of 40,000 people who pass through the check-outs and disposal of more than $ 97,000 (equivalent to $ 989,000 in 2019) on the first day.

Since then he has gone on to work 228 stores across the country and become a staple for most Aussie buyers.

This is not the first time supporters asked Kmart store returns Cafe Holly, with the Reddit thread in 2017 showed love for the old function. Kmart contacted for comment.

You remember Holly cafe in the old stores Kmart? Let us know your experience below.

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