Monday , April 12 2021

Dorothy Chen Andrea Reyes faces extradition from Adelaide over alleged LA You run that killed cyclist

American woman who lives in Adelaide, facing extradition to the United States after the FBI tracked down, wanted in connection with charges that she killed a cyclist in a hit-run incident nearly two years ago.

advertiser Reports authorities have started the global hunt for Dorothy Chen Andrea Reyes, 33, amid claims she refugees in Asia from Los Angeles a few days after the alleged crash in January 2017.

Father of four Agustin Rodriguez Jr., 46, was mowed down luxury car in Whittier, in the inner south of Los Angeles during the drive for a new job in the morning on 30 January.

Ms. Reyes, a Filipino origin financial analyst and auditor of fraud, accused of "killing" the automobile, advertiser report.

Special agents eventually tracked Ms Reyes northern suburbs of Adelaide.

In April, Australian Federal Police arrested Ms. Reyes during a raid on her house, where she was reportedly lives with a new friend.

American woman remains in custody in jail Adelaide Women, as it is awaiting extradition to Los Angeles.

During the funeral, something & # 39; and Mr. Rodriguez and friends remembered him as "Seven & # 39; Yanino" and a gentle, kind man. "

"It definitely was a family man, he was a gentle, kind man, is not a person who can say bad about it," said the victim's niece Angelica Miller, local media reported. "He was killed, and someone hides it."

Whittier police said Mr. Rodriguez was amazed when he tried to cross the street on a bicycle. According to witnesses, the car stopped in front of the driver to let him pass, but the driver went around the car and hit the father-to-four.

"The police confirmed that she pulled it. She's a monster. I think that if she had stopped, my uncle might still be here, "said Mrs. Miller CBS Los Angeles.

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