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Ever dreamed to control the robot paradise? This virtual reality headset can help | science


According to EDD Gent

Robot Heaven could revolutionize everything from search and rescue operations in mining, but figuring out how to keep track of so many moving parts to the & # 39 is tough. The new approach allows people to control the tiny, Semi-autonomous robot using virtual reality (VR) -Many as a child can drive a swarm of crawling ants.

After donning VR goggles operator hovers over a virtual scene containing up to nine robots that can independently move and coordinate with each other. Three of these virtual robots in the real world there. To move the robot, the user simply continues in simulation and lifts them up. The user can also send them or trap them by building walls with the movement of the pinch-and-resistance (above).

These movements are selected Leap Motion Tracking gesture technology attached to the outer side of the headset, and instructions are sent to the real boots via radio. Easy control gesture also allows the user to zoom in and out and to move the virtual environment simulation.

VR and gesture tracking is already popular tools for controlling robots, but a new approach, by combining them in such a way that users can interact directly with a large number of robots uniquely intuitive, the researchers say. The new system allowed untrained operators corral 50 freely roam the virtual robots in three different areas for about 5 minutes, they report this week on Arxiv server preprints. Surveys then, users were generally positive about the system.

Real world applications are still faced with many challenges, including the capture enough data to create a realistic simulation and transfer them quickly enough to prevent imitation of the laggards. But the researchers say that the upcoming 5G mobile communication technology may be the missing ingredient.

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