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General chemicals, household, found in dust may cause obesity


Researchers have been sifting through the dust that accumulates in homes all. And they discovered some significant problems.

Researchers at Duke University published a study with The Endocrine Society, in which they found a common household chemicals – such as detergents, cleaning products, paints, cosmetics and plastics – attached to many of the tiny specks of dust that floats around domestic premises.

These chemicals, however, is often endocrine-disrupters.

This means that they are compounds that mimic human hormones.

And these hormones can trigger the natural mechanisms of the body to start packing away fat.

But their greatest concern is the withdrawal of whom it affects most: children crawling floor and sticking their ugly fingers in his mouth.


"These are some of the first studies to investigate the association between exposure to chemical mixtures that are present in the room and the metabolic health of children living in these homes," said researcher Dr. Christopher Kassotis from Nikolaev school environment.

"We found that two-thirds of the dust extracts have been able to contribute to the development and half the fat cells contribute to the proliferation of fat cell precursor to 100 micrograms, or about 1000 times lower than what children consume on a daily basis."

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Small children are believed to be consumed somewhere between 60 and 100 milligrams of dust every day.

It has been shown previously, some endocrine disruptive household products – which contain chemical category called phthalates – can cause fat cells to raise triglycerides (fat) that circulate in the blood. Then they are stored until other hormones do not cause them to release back into the blood stream as an energy source.

media_cameraHousehold chemicals and plastics can be the cause of everything from childhood obesity to infertility in dogs – and men.

This study adds further weight to the understanding of the issue.

About 200 North Carolina homes were selected for dust. More than 100 chemicals have been found in them later in the lab. About 70 of them had no significant impact than the development of fat cells.

"This suggests that the mixture of chemical substances, which occur in the room may be driving these effects," said Kassotis.

The study warns that even relatively low concentrations of these chemicals in the dust phthalates can cause fat cell precursors.

The researchers are continuing their investigation to determine the exact home products that produce this pollution.

Phthalates have been linked to a wide range of issues ranging from fertility problems, liver disease and some cancers.

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