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How have common causes of death among Australians over forty years


Andrew Hayen, biyastatistyki professor in the University of Technology in Sydney, said that dementia that bypasses heart disease in this age group, "must occur at some point."

"Since 1990, when the death rate of dementia is increased by about 3 percent per year, and for women there is a greater growth," – he said.

"This is probably the only cause of death that has such a big growth."

Kelly Stokes with Dementia Australia, the highest body for people living with the disease, added that dementia can not be treated as well as heart disease.

"For we do not have dementia treatment to slow down, modify or stop the progression of the disease at this stage," she said. "Surgical intervention is not, as for heart disease."

Dr Stokes said that while some of the genetically predisposed to the development of dementia risk, genetically prone to an increased risk of "variable" factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise or a decrease in social interaction.

"What's good for your brain, good for your heart, and vice versa," she said. "There are several common risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke, which also form the basis of your risk of dementia."

Dr Stokes said that the preservation of the brain in the next life can also reduce the risk of dementia, "not only every day to do crossword puzzles, but really stretch your brain."

She said that crossword puzzles, may not require full concentration if you know the general methods for solving the key, but that the problem of learning a new language requires a much larger number of minds.

Alan Lopez of the University of Melbourne School of Population and Global Health stated that there is another factor of growth – increasing diagnosis of dementia may mean that doctors are likely to explain the disease caused the death of a person.


And there are about two dozen municipalities across Australia, where dementia with & # 39; is a leading cause of death, including Sutherland Shire in Sydney, holdstof Bay-Adelaide and South Perth.

All this is a relatively rich areas of the inner city, but that does not mean that people in these areas are dying of dementia a higher rate than in the rest of Australia.

In fact, it is the opposite: people in these municipalities, as a rule, are healthier and live longer, so the performance of many common causes of death are lower than in other parts of the country.

heart disease for a long time been the largest killer of Australians and was the culprit in about 12 percent of the amount of deaths in 2017.

This is the main cause of death in approximately 90 percent of local government areas and & # 39 is the biggest killer, regardless of socioeconomic status or remoteness. However, in the poorest and most remote areas of the rate of heart diseases is typically higher.

Professor Lopez said that the death rate from heart disease decreased from 1970 due to tobacco control, improve diet and health promotion.

But he said that the rate of decline (incidence of death, heart attack decreases every year) slowed down in recent years.

"We do not have enough opportunities to get more success, and now we go up to where we are faced with big problems, and obesity – is obvious.

"In the next two to two years, we expect that the death rate from heart disease will begin to grow", – he said.

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