Kanye West lives in prison


We hear that Kanye West has a new “rental” life.

West-living at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta while he finishes his latest, delayed album Donda – Now he has a contract with the location until he finishes the music, according to insiders only Page six.

We hear that at first West was essentially squatting in the stadium after a mass audition there, and then decided to settle in a massive arena with 71,000 seats to complete the recording.

He shared on social media an image of a room in a cinder block, where it is believed to be located, which has only a double bed, a TV and a small closet.

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But sources also tell us that the rapper has now also hired a private chef, just in case you’re worried he’s living on a regular fare at a sports stadium.

Reports report that the 44-year-old West will now release the record on August 6th. We noticed that the Atlanta NFL team “Falcons” is undergoing ticket practice at the stadium on August 7th. West was already at the stadium during the professional match.

Meanwhile, West’s team announced Friday that it also plans to release the event on Aug. 5 at its temporary home in Atlanta. Reports say he wants to come up with something other than a recent event to give fans another experience.

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The latter brought 3.3 million streaming streams to Apple Music, and the stars of the first night of audition were West’s estranged wife Kim Kardashian and their children, as well as Shaquille O’Neill, CeeLo Green, Big Boy and Jadakis.

At a previous event, West, who appeared with his head covered in a mask, cried while sounding the track about “losing my family”.

Representatives of the West do not comment. A stadium spokesman told us: “We have no right to disclose details regarding Mr. West’s stay at the stadium.”

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