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Katie Price unrecognizable after the third facelift


British reality star and model Katie Price showed its new face after passes its third facelift in Turkey.

40-year-old with a & # 39; was now looked swollen and sore after a few days after a series of radical treatments dramatically transform her face, sun report.

New images show her with a very swollen and bruised face as she pictured leaving a plastic surgery clinic in Turkey after the passage of lifting procedures facelift and brow.

Kathy then imagined to be pushed in the electric wheelchair as she made her way through the Turkish airport.

Her swollen face was in stark contrast to the photographs of stars taken just 10 days ago, with a & # 39; appearance of a nightclub in Norwich on April 20:

Katie was left screaming in pain after the surgery under the eyes and Brazilian butt under & # 39; volume – and begged the doctors to relieve pain.

"Katie, having a terrible time," says a friend. "She can not sit up properly, and it is everywhere, taking her ass with her pillow.

"This is the first time when she was a Brazilian butt lift, and she can not believe how much it hurts. She was on the phone to the doctors, begging for more drugs.

"Her face swells up, and she can barely move. She's in agony. She can not even shower – it wipes washes just as she should wear compression suit. She was not satisfied at all.

"She's wishing she did not do it now, because she can not stand to look at myself."

Kathy went under the knife for a number of operations after secretly flying to Turkey last week.

Insiders told The Sun Online, that Katie was recommended surgery Comfort Zone from one another and fellow reality star Chloe Khan and got liposuction, Brazilian boom lift and facelift all in the same day.

Last week we brought you the amazing new photos of Geordie Shore stars Charlotte Crosby, who has caused concern from fans after the last round of cosmetic surgery. MTV starlet never hesitated as she was a surgery in the past.

This story is the first time since & # 39 appeared in the Sun and reprinted here with permission.

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