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Minecraft creator Notch undesirable for the 10th anniversary of the behavior of the Internet


<IMG SRC = "×426.png" alt = "Every Minecraft Player worst nightmare. "/>

each Minecraft Player worst nightmare.

Block sandbox game Minecraft celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and Microsoft plans to celebrate with a press conference at Mojang Studios in Stockholm on May 17, but according to Variety, one notable person will not be there: Marcus «Notch» Persson, who sold the game he created and the company that he built for Microsoft in 2014 for $ 2.5 billion.

This is no accident. A Microsoft spokesman told Variety, the reason for its exclusion from the & # 39 is "the comments and opinions" Persson expressed on Twitter, saying that they "do not reflect those of Mojang and Microsoft, and not from the & # 39 are representative Minecraft".

Back in March, the number of references to Persson have been removed from the game. Microsoft has not made any statements at the time, but it is considered to be for the same reason.

Becoming a billionaire, Persson earned something bad reputation. Shortly before the references in the game were removed, he made such a family tweets like "I'd like to be a fascist pussy than the female member" (even though it was after removed), and he wrote the signature in support of both Pizzagate and QAnon conspiracy theory. he has expanded false statement that people face fines for "using the wrong pronoun" to refer to a trance. Persson also tweet the right slogans, such as "It is normal to be white"And he said that the one who recognizes the systemic racial prejudice and imbalance in Western society racist, In 2017, he wrote: "If you are against #HeterosexualPrideDay concept, you are a complete fucking cunt and deserve to be shot," although this, too, was removed after.

Persson name can still be found in the credits of the game, but it seems to be full of & # 39; Microsoft wants to have union with him.

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