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"My Kitchen Rules" heated showdown as Victor yells at Ruby


Things sure got heated on May Kitchen Rules Yesterday evening.

As participants gathered for their first Super Party dinner he seemed to come out at the dinner table, which co-stars opponent the Piper, 35, and Victor, 29, is really a sexual relationship with one another, something their collegiate Star suspected for some time.

During lunch, Victor – who only narrowly escaped elimination with his team-mate G – sitting at the table shook the knife, making other members uneasy. Later in the episode, he was seen shouting at his fellow stars, as it seemed that he suspected them of scoring against him, the idea that others thought that Piper planted.

"A woman was whispering in his ear, and feed him false information," said contender Victor Romel on camera.

Piper to "My Kitchen Rules. (Seven Network)

Deciding to turn the pink elephant in the room during dinner, mate RoMel team IBBY Piper spoke about the situation.

participant "My Kitchen Rules» Victor. (Seven Network)

"I feel I am an honest and Piper, you're fed Viktor information based on the comments that were not true, why they are angry, and they feel that they are all trying to get them."

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While Victor insisted that he was not angry at others for allegedly killing against him, Piper confirmed that she was talking to Victor and G of this.

"Yes, we had a conversation with Victor about what happened at the table. We did not try one, we said, in general, as dozens of went, "Piper shot back.

Piper inconclusive, Romel said the camera: "There is clearly something going on between [Victor and Piper]Otherwise, why would Piper defend Victor? "

He continued: "And why the hell [Victor] He sits there spinning the knife? I sincerely believe, Piper was going around and mixing pot ".

Victor rotate your dinner knife on the table "My Kitchen Rules". (Seven Network)

Tensions soon reached the boiling point of the installation Victor off when Andy and Ruby called Veronica and Piper to "Kommersant —- ING" behind.

"Wow, that she could call someone to —- at the table, and this is absolutely normal. This is a double standard! "Shrieked Victor.

"You are offended because I do not want to give you a hug, but then you call Piper and b —-."

"I'll tell you what it's about, it's about Ruby to be upset that I do not want to embrace her after a hard cook. She sits at a table and calling Piper a b —- is a double standard. "

It was at this point the judge Manu Feidel step, to tell them to "take a step back and just relax."

"I understand that there may be some differences, but just use your energy somewhere else, guys."

All, except to confirm the relationship confidential, Teammate Veronica Piper spoke to the outlet of the dinner show down, describing it as "pretty intense."

"Everything is sort of knew that something was going on, even behind the scenes.

"A lot of time was spent with the others, but I think that someone just had to say it at the table.

"We all stay in an apartment in the city of Sydney, and so it feels like you are in the university.

She added: "You're in the dorm rooms are literally next door, so that all know each other, what is happening there."

Since then, both on the show, Veronica and Piper, who with the & # 39 are both former beauty queens are not always seen eye to eye. Twice now Piper put Veronica in place before the judges, but Veronica insists that they are still close.

"We are well, we check every couple of days," said Veronica. "We do not live in each other's pockets.

"She's not very good in terms of how it was painted, a little more exaggerated.

"She is currently working on his family & # 39; it, and so it should, she has two children."

"I think that's what so there was difficult for her – it would be hard for anyone, I really feel for her.".

Where the latter is now the star MAFS

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