Saturday , April 17 2021

NASA scientists gave receivers 49ers & # 39; after a successful landing on Mars ship – East Bay Times,

The celebration of the landing dates back to 1965, when the New York Giants receiver Homer Jones caught a 89-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the game, and the bill of sale is punctuated by peaks football in the end zone.

This is in line with 2009. Bleacher Report history, and I think that we should follow.

Since TD two steps became one of the most striking examples of cultural and artistic expression in the world.

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And on Monday, with the world – thanks to a choreography invented boil San Francisco 49ers receiver Marquis Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne.

On Monday, Mars InSight Lander made a safe touch down (get it?) On the red planet after six months, 300 million miles, $ 828 million in transit. The last seven minutes of the flight were the most painful for brain monitoring the landing of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. Due to the amount of time to receive a transmission from Earth to Mars, they could just sit on their hands and hope.

"We can not stick the landing, so we have to rely on a team, we pre-programmed into the spacecraft," Grover robes, EDL INSIGHT (recording, descent and landing) leads said in a recent statement.

We will save you the unknown: lander paused on the landing, inspiring some of the best and brightest NASA engineers allocate violent amusements invented Goodwin Born. look:

Here's the real hand jive. Compare and contrast to your heart's content:

P.S:. It was not only celebrating NASA landing on Mars.

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