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One Nation unfairly targeted after Steve Dixon's strip club scandal, says Pauline Hanson – Australia Votes – Federal Election 2019 – Politics



April 30, 2019 23:20:02

Crying Pauline Hanson says strip club scandal involving a former One Nation Senate candidate Steve Dixon has been used to attack its political party is unfair.

Key points:

  • Pauline Hanson says she is "disgusted" at the personnel of the former Senate hopes Steve Dickson
  • But leaders of the Nation said that her party has been unfairly targeted in sting
  • Senator Hanson is also the question of why it is "kicked in the guts" when people "hope and pray" it will be the "voice" for them

Mr. Dixon on Tuesday came out of the election campaign after undercover footage from the & # 39 emerged from his makes derogatory comments and touching the dancer during the night at a strip club in Washington last year.

Former Senate hopes also apologized for his behavior, saying that the footage "does not reflect the person that I & # 39; is."

The clip was filmed as part of the same operation, which last month showed Mr. Dixon and party adviser James Ashby went to the US last year, asked for help from the company with interest groups such as the National Rifle Association (NRA).

As a result of leaked footage, Senator Hanson told Channel Nine in this Affair, she felt that her party has repeatedly directed in such a way that the others were not.

While Senator Hanson says she is "disgusted" by the footage, the leader of the One Nation insisted bite was "three years in the making discredit One Nation and pull us down."

"I'm upset. I have worked with it for 23 years, since I was elected to Parliament. I have had ups and downs. I pushed at the time of bowel and again, "she told host Tracy Grimshaw.

"It's happening right before the election. They held it for seven months and released it today. I want to know, did Channel Nine pay for it? Al Jazeera said it would not give permission to film that. "

After Grimshaw confirmed that the footage was leaked to Channel Nine, Ms. Hanson asks, "Why is everyone afraid of me and scared a nation?

"The Liberal Party of & # 39 is below us preferencing Labor Party. Why? We work so well with them. This happens every election.

"I do not know who is behind this. Someone behind it. You can not tell me why a foreign country is interested in Australian politics. This is the big question. "

She stressed the difference in the reaction to the visit of Mr. Dixon, compared with 2003 visit of the former Prime Minister & # 39; er Minister Kevin Rudd in New York strip club. According to the head of the club, Rudd behaved "like a gentleman."

"Kevin Rudd, he goes to a strip club, you have Craig Thomson, who used a credit card alliances in the brothel, you have corruption, you have Eddie Obeid … you were all, but they just go through it," she said .

"No, let's Pauline Hanson kick in the guts."

HP meeting "did not pass the" One Nation leader

Discussion then turned to Al Jazeera secret investigation last month, which showed the efforts of one nation to compulsively political contributions from the NRA as the weapons lobby in the US called on the party to weaken the strict laws of gun ownership in Australia.

Senator Hanson took the opportunity to demand that leaked the meeting between Mr. Dixon, Mr. Ashby and fake gun rights advocate Roger Mueller had not been carried out with its approval.

"I did not know that they were going there, and I do not know what they would say these things. I'm devastated with what happened there. I February about it, "she said.

"At the end of the day I'm the leader of this political party. I do not care what Steve says Dixon. I'm the leader.

"Would I take a foreign donation from HP? No, I have offers me $ 50,000 I did not take it. We will never accept foreign donations … I'm tired of it. Absolutely tired. "

Hanson ride out the storm strip club

In an interview with & # 39; u come to an end, Hanson One senator acknowledged the nation was not unique in facing the negative press coverage on the eve of a federal election.

"We are not the only party that has a problem with the candidates. All the major parties do. But you have to have honesty and struggle to carry through and standing next to me for what I want to do, "she said.

Referring to those who remained on the ticket, Ms Hanson said: "I think I have a big range there are some great candidates for the lower house, standing in this election.".

When asked why she wanted to stay in politics, Ms. Hanson said that "many more", she wanted to do.

"There is so much poverty there, and the people who hurt," she said.

"And in the end, these politicians and members of parliament, with the main political parties, they do not care about people.

"It's all about the trade unions, we are talking about multinationals, we are talking about the business, and people do not know who to turn to someone they trust and be trusted."

Hours before the comments of Ms. Hanson's One Nation in the composition, with the & # 39 there were reports claiming that the party candidate on Leichhardt, Ross Macdonald, shared a number of images of himself posing with topless women on social media.




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