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Party drugs are associated with a new treatment of sleep disorders


New innovative approaches are tested for the treatment of people with severe sleep disorder called narcolepsy.

About 10,000 Australians have a condition that makes them feel very tired during the day and can cause sudden onset of sleep.

"If you had three days without sleep, that's how my every day," said Daisy Johnson, who was diagnosed in adolescence.

People who have narcolepsy tend to rely on stimulants to control their condition throughout the day.

They may also take anti-depressants to deal with another common symptom that causes a short muscle paralysis.

"Until now, the treatment of narcolepsy is not primarily focused on helping people with the condition feel more awake during the day," Professor Ron Grunstein, RPA and Woolcock Sleep Medicine, an expert said.

Woolcock Institute of Medical Research & # 39 is an opportunity to check medications to help fix Suffering fragmented sleep experience at night.

Sedation called sodium oxybate associated with conflicting GOKami quantities of drugs and is currently being tested as a slow-release medicament which is made only once at night.

"At night, their sleep is fragmented enough so that any medication that could deepen the dream and fix that sleep is useful for the condition," said Professor Grunstein.

Preliminary studies show that the drug with a slow release offers significant advantages for patients, without any suras & # 39; oznyh side effects.

"As we learn more about this medication, we can say that the case is to be financing," said Professor Grunstein.

Ms. Johnson is being tested at the trial, to see whether it can participate and help make a difference in people's lives.

"For us to have a full night's sleep on, where we can really have a rest to give us as much quality of life," she said.

Ms. Johnson said that she was not able to continue their education at a university or obtain a driver's license because of the symptoms.

She takes medication during the day, to be fully operational in its work as a cook.

Narcolepsy is caused by the loss of certain nerve cells in the brain, which contain chemicals that help keep us awake and regulate our sleep-wake cycle.

Less than a quarter of the patients had their condition diagnosed.

Ms. Johnson said people may be wrongly labeled as having depression, chronic fatigue or laziness.

Fortuntely, her GP immediately recognized the symptoms.

"I would fall asleep all the time. When I laughed, I was paralyzed, so that my jaw might stop working. I remember in school, I slip out of the chair and I just fall to the table with his head on the table, "she said.

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