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Qantas heads back to Fiji Flight market heats up for Easter break


flight discounts market heats up before Easter with today marking the first day of the northern hemispheres & # 39; I year cycle.

And for the first time in 20 years, the Qantas heads back to Fiji, cashing in on the growing status of the country at the higher end of the housing market.

"Destination-wise, we've seen a lot of new and refurbishment of accommodation coming online in Fiji, in particular, in this premium segment of the market," Qantas executive director of sales and distribution of Igor Kwiatkowski said.

According to Quentin Long from Australian magazine Traveler, 80 percent Fizhiyskoy economy depends on tourists from Australia.

Last year, the Australians have taken more than 11 million flight abroad. New Zealand was the main destination for Aussies heading abroad, and then Indonesia, the US, UK and Thailand

But this year, the Aussie travelers compete with the lower Australian dollar, rising fuel prices rocket and political uncertainty at home.

According to Long, it could change the way we holiday, or even stop us taking our vacations abroad at all.

"Federal election creates uncertainty is why we are staying closer to home, and there is economic uncertainty, and that means we are staying closer to home," he said.

"So that exchange rates do affect the course rather than to stay in a 5 star hotel, we will be in the 4-star hotel."

"So it just changes the way you travel, not how much we travel."

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