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Qantas Sydney to London and New York routes until the end of the year


Qantas says it will be ready to fly passengers directly from Sydney and Melbourne to London and Sydney New York non-stop until the end of the year.

General Officer Alan Joyce said the airline, which he challenges aircraft manufacturers to build aircraft capable of a 21-hour trip, and now believes that the aircraft is capable of the task.

Long catch project, called Project Sunrise, threw a complication for the airline, including a rule limiting the length of the flight for the pilot and passenger entertainment and health.

But Mr Joyce said it was an important step in the growth of the airline to make a long flight path in the world of reality.

"For the future of the Qantas, the next biggest thing we have to do," he said at the Amazon innovation conference in Sydney today.

"And over the next decade, we believe that it is the ability to fly from Sydney to London non-stop, Melbourne to London non-stop, and Sydney to New York non-stop."

Flight of the two major Australian cities to London will take 21 hours and 19 hours from Sydney to New York.

Mr Joyce said the lead aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus have responded to the call.

"I wrote a note to the General Director of Airbus, Boeing and CEO said:" We want you to help the development of the aircraft … You can do it by 2022? "He said.

"The response was a huge business – Airbus said it was a bit like the space race, the race to the moon; that's how they handle it in their organization. "

Perth Qantas has launched a direct flight to London last year, which takes 17 hours.

"We started Perth London last year, and it really gave us confidence with it," said Mr. Joyce.

"We have $ 100 million of free advertising. He got a glimpse of the world … it was the highest level of customer satisfaction for the year by any route of our network, and it was the most successful launch of a new route. "

Mr Joyce said it was important for the airline to extend this opportunity to connect Australia with the rest of the world and make a "flying kangaroo" the world's leading travel services.

"We believe that this unique idea for the Qantas, we think that we can do something really special with it, and we think that will revolutionize transport aircraft," he said.

"We now believe that this aircraft can do it."

Mr. Joyce also used the conference to share the news the airline has developed a flight planning software, called Constellation with the University of Sydney, which analyzes the ways and weather data & # 39; e build the most cost-effective way.

The program was launched last year and hopes to improve the trajectory of 1-2 percent, which would save the airline $ 40 million in fuel costs per year.

Mr Joyce said the flight to Sydney Sant & # 39; Yaga save one ton of fuel with the help of Constellation.

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