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Razer Toaster will be made after the fans to achieve more than 5 years


Most people believe that Razer toaster was a joke, the first to make it to the & # 39; appearance in the field of existence 5 years FB page "Give us Razer toaster" asked Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan about the possibilities Razer toaster.

Razer-director of the company-working-toaster_07

Back in September 2013, the group started moving FB Razer toaster with a tease "has a bit of Ownage» with the Razer logo in the burnt bread, and it looked strange. While Min-Liang Tan said that if a page hit 1 million likes, he said that, of course, make one. Well, after the video went live community did what they are best at – with & # 39; united together and made it.

The buzz for Razer toaster continued with other content creators get paid for them with their own take on the game of the toaster, and even the Razer for April Fools 2016, where he joked about the «Project» breadwinner. Current Razer Toaster tease with the marketing slogan "It's a little … fried. From there, he received a sufficient amount of steam that let us toast Razer page on Facebook had more than 1 million likes, and now Min-Liang lives up to its promise to make a real Razer toaster .

In a statement on its Facebook page, Ming-Liang said: "Well – I do not think these guys are going to make it – but they did. He was supposed to hit 1M love with each tattoo Razer Toaster equivalent 100K loves everyone …. and now they have 12 Razer Toaster Tattoo. Well …. what can I say. I just liked their official page – and I'm going to collect his team of designers and engineers. It will take several years – but I'll be sure to share the progress – and to make this community affairs".

He added: "Razer Toaster – Toaster for Razer fans. According to Razer Toaster Lovers".

as well as any product of the Razer, the team "worked hard" "I think we could develop a really kick ass toaster"

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