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Ricardo F1 Bahrain GP DNF: "The dramatic potential of destruction of electric current"


Ricardo has already looked at the season from hell after two races in his car & # 39; Renault EASURES suffered a second blow from as many starts.

After retiring from the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, Ricciardo again failed to cross the finish line in Bahrain, his car gave out on him.

Starting from 10th on the grid, Ricciardo was in the lead after 15 laps because he stayed on the track, as well as went into the pits around him. But the joy was short-lived, as a mechanical problem cripple it again.

Running on a one-stop strategy, the Aussie slipped to 10, as the opponents of the strategy to two stops had no problem passing him. Life was still worse when he lost control, causing it to another DNF in 2019 with just a few laps remaining.

Ricciardo said "simple cut" on his car, and the mountain was too real for Renault. Australian teammate Nico Hulkenberg, who was sixth, suffered engine trouble on their own on the same circle, almost at the same time, forcing him to resign and also cost the French outfit any hope of gaining points.

This was especially devastating for Hulkenberg, who was mowing the field to progress from 17 th to 11 th in the first round, and then up to sixth before he was severely flogged.

"Electric shock" RISK RENAULT correctly received all

And if that was not bad enough, there was more drama to follow. Ricciardo has left his car on the track and do not replace it with the steering wheel, which caused him to be caused by the stewards.

However, its justification entirely leaving his steering wheel for safety reasons, because he was trying to "avoid the possibility of electric shock." According, vehicle energy recovery system Ricciardo in Renault alerted about the possibility of his quad to be "electrical hazards" and he was instructed to jump out of the car without touching it.

"I had a red light on so that I could not touch the car. I did not take any risks, "said Ricardo Sky Sports after the race. "I do not feel like electric shocks to get today."

Stewards Ricciardo let off the hook because they agreed that it was a normal protection in this situation, and the replacement of the steering wheel would have carried a potential security threat.

Ricciardo also showed pitting tactics only once mistaken, and when once again gave their time, two stop race would be a better option, as it was competition for him.

"I felt that we had passed the point in the first segment, where it was too late to go back (from the strategy of one stop), and it was pretty much at that moment I knew that this was not the best thing to do," said Ricardo.

"If we had made two stops, we would go out for everyone else, so we had to make it. In retrospect, and even during the race, we knew that it was not the best. We tried. That was the idea. But I think two stops would be much more preferable.

"In this first stage, perhaps, I was wondering if it was too late. Thus, we will have a look to see if we could save it. If we were back in this limbo, we will try to make the right decision of the two ".

Ricciardo WILL regret BOLD MOVE?

The disaster will leave Bahrain Ricciardo doubt he made the right move in the offseason to quit Red Bull after he had bombed in Melbourne in his first start in yellow and black.

Ricciardo broke his front wing of seconds after the lights out at Albert Park when he veered off the track and retired in the middle of the race. He was furious at the time, but speaking to the second race of the season, 29-year-old claimed that he was upbeat and looking to put his hometown of horror behind him with a strong showing in Bahrain.

Unfortunately, Western Australia, his season went from bad to worse, and it hurt him even to see his former colleague Red Bull Verstappen enjoy a strong start to the new company.

Taking the podium in Melbourne, Verstappen finished ahead of Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel crossed the line fourth in Bahrain, as Lewis Hamilton won the race ahead of Mercedes team-mate Bottas.

young gun Ferrari Charles Leclerc was the third, but it was a tough result to swallow after starting in pole position. Leclerc and Vettel were running first and second 20 wheels remaining after starting on the front row of the network, but Vettel spun out and Leclerc suffered reliability problems with its engine, allowing Hamilton to pass 21-year-old and cruel to deny him his first ever F1 victory .

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Ricardo left the Red Bull after permanent physical damage, many of whom Renault engine it. Patients with repeated problems, energy drink team switched suppliers of the power unit in 2019, and in partnership with Honda.

This relationship seems to be blossoming – though obviously still some teething problems teeth because Pier extinguished (eighth) struggled for pace and Verstappen top four finish helped Vettel misses – while Ricciardo decision to defect to Renault looms as a potential nightmare.

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