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Sage Northcutt dismissed, Dana White comments

Sage Northcutt with & # 39 is a human Ken doll that can fight cell – but now, a former child actor and karate prodigy does not have.

«Super» Sage, still only 22, had been dropped in the UFC, despite the time served personally Dana White as a future superstar. In addition, despite being on the winning streak of three fights. This is a great fall for the All-American golden boy.

"His contract was, so we let him go," said White on UFC unfiltered.

«Sage Sage young and needs some work. So let them get a job in one of these other organizations, and we'll see where the child ends up in a few years, and maybe we'll take it back again. "

Time was amazing. Northcutt was the third-youngest fighter to compete in the UFC, where he made his debut at age 19, winning his first fight on Francisco Trevino via TKO in a minute. He showed how raw he was with two early losses (both views), but he shot down Michael Quinones, Thibault Gauti and Zack Ottow in his last three fights to build a 6-2 UFC record and 11-2 overall in MMA,

As with many things in sport, especially in the fight game, it can come down to the money; Northcutt that paid higher the value, still wanted more, and White decided enough was enough.

From the outset, the wage scale Northcutt angered his supporters. His salary was not specified in the first fight, but after his second (win in the 2nd round submission over Cody Pfister) was found to be $ 80,000; $ 40,000 to show, $ 40,000 win bonus.

It was more than the main winner of the event, female strawweight Rose Namazhanas ($ 54,000 to $ 27k / $ 27k split), which has since become a champion of the UFC. By the way, the one who lost Namajunas & # 39; – Paige Vanzant, Barbie Ken Northcutt – also earned $ 40,000 to show up.

Northcutt has already raised an eyebrow, making his debut on the numbered pay-per-view event, in the qualifiers at UFC 192, and his salary has not gone well.

He only got worse than their envious detractors. For wages reported that his salary was an increase of $ 10,000 for the show and win every time, when he was the winner; it means that he leaned over $ 100,000 to beat Enrique Marin, $ 120,000 beat quinones, $ 140,000 beat Gauti and $ 160,000 beating Ottow, plus Reebok sponsorship payments. He also got paid well to lose; $ 60,000 for his last defeat, against Mickey Gall, who got only $ 40,000 in Split at $ 20k / $ 20k.

Although it is not a lot of money, it was far beyond what is earned Northcutt, while he also had the opportunity to plum as the fight at UFC 200, White momentous event served as the biggest card in history. His $ 100,000 salary for beating Marin at UFC 200 was the same as Amanda Nunes got for beating Mike Tate in the main event to qualify for the lightest weight women's title that she has since defended three times.


Northcutt was found on his own reality-White, Dana White Lookin & # 39; For A FightThe event MMA down in Louisiana. White saw a picture of then 19-year-old buttoned like a bodybuilder, making fun of his fake tan, spiked hair and brilliant white teeth.

Then he watched him pound and submit his opponent, Gage Duhon, for a great Round 1 victory; capped off with a trademark back flip.

"Holy s ***! Holy s ***! … I'm making fun of him. I'm not making fun of him now, "White said.

Before that Northcutt had an unusual childhood.

He began martial arts training at the age of four years. At age five, his father Mark was he doing 250 push-ups and sit-ups a day. Up to six years, he was up to 1,000 people every day.

"People said that it was not good for a young child to be that torn or have brakes," said Mark Northcutt, Blackbelt Karate, Bleacher report"But we made it fun for him to do push-ups and sit-ups."

At nine years old, he was the youngest man ever to feature on the cover Sport Karate MagazineHe became an unusual measure of karate, winning 77 world championships among youth, while it also has an undefeated record of 15-0 kickboxing.

In addition, he was the one acting credit, as a child, which is a & # 39 is in the Disney series Moises Rules! – starring Hannah Montana actor Moises Arias. On top of this Northcutt with & # 39 is a devout Christian, he studied petroleum engineering at Texas & M University, and not literally did not eat junk food; his incredibly ripped body says. He trains for three to five hours each day.

5-0 pro MMA Northcutt record in reaching the UFC was against questionable competition, to put it politely; his opponents had a combined record of 29-46. Although his introduction to the UFC brought a couple of stumbles, he seemed destined for a white engineered road to fame.

White and Northcutt yet to discover what went wrong. Northcutt was not talking about his release. He turned out the prospect of improving, which has become a real UFC caliber fighter with a lot of legs left.

Was he ever makes it back to the UFC, only time will tell. Of course, the rival promotion Bellator will be interesting. Given that he has always been dubbed "too good to fight», Northcutt sure there are other options for car & # 39; EASURES.

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