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Star Wars Disneyland attraction in the photo for the first time


After several years of planning and construction, Disneyland has released the first photos of its most finished $ A1.4billion Star Wars: Edge of the attractiveness of the Galaxy, and that's out of this world.

Josh D & # 39; Amari, President of Disneyland, took to Instagram, to introduce a new attraction for the Star Wars fans around the world. "So glad to introduce you to resident Batuu! I want to thank the wonderful team for their incredible dedication and passion. Yesterday's Star Wars: Galactic Edge cast Rally was memorable. This picture is one for the ages! "

John Boyega, who plays Finn in Star Wars: The Force awakens and its sequel, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then shared the photo.

The actor wrote that "a strange cast of" a & # 39 is "ready to give fans around the world the most exciting experience of Star Wars!"

Boyega revealed that he will be present at the official opening on Friday.

"Do not worry, I'll be there to help you through one of the Var & # 39; yatav rides! It was a pleasure working with the team on it. Enjoy and let the force be with you. "

Meanwhile, the president of Disney's Bob Iger joined super director Steven Spielberg andJJ Abrams for a look around the vast six hectares attraction.

The space will have the rides, shops selling personal droid and svetometayte and "Star Wars-appropriate food and drink."

The biggest attraction, no doubt, will not be an exact replica of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon. Visitors can wander through the aircraft involved in aerial combat with Tie Fighters.

But if the park is struggling to get the visitor to leave, they have some pretty convenient security; Disneyland employees dressed as Star War characters – most notably Stormtroopers – will move things along so that new visitors can enter.

"There may be some of the first order officers there to help us, or maybe some stormtroopers asking people to move forward," said Kris Theiler, vice president of Disneyland Park, in a statement.

Disneyland waiting for huge crowds when it opens, and during the first three weeks, guests must have a backup of entry and will be limited to four o'clock visit to one of the largest theme park in Disney Land.

Disney said that the edge of the galaxy has been designed to look and feel like a part of the Star Wars universe. It is designed as a rough outpost on a distant planet.

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