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Tel-all interview with Casey Donovan & # 39; nd with Andrew Denton


Casey Donovan opened about six years catfishing torment she suffered from a close female friend in an emotional interview with the new & # 39; nd with Andrew Denton.

Speaking at this week's episode Denton interviews & # 39; w Program 2004 australian Idol winner showed the sequence of events that led her to a long-term relationship with "man" she had never even met.

Donovan was only 16 years old when she won idol – "a little uh, a little depressed," and only a handful of friends. Immediately after the victory, she went on tour around the country with her boyfriend idol finalists.

He was on his way to Australia Day 2005, she received a strange call from an unknown number.

"It was a guy on the line, and he would not tell me who he is and how he got my number. I basically said, you have to lose this number, "she told Denton.

But he continued to call – and Donovan, alone and killed her new life as a touring pop singer, kept answering.

"If you're on the road, as a 16-year-old, you can not go out in the pubs and clubs with other people. You get sent to my room. I was like, 'That's interesting. " It was comfortable talking with this person every day, "she recalls.

Her phone friend told me that his name is Campbell. He was «Ocker, surfie» voice, and he regularly send their photos of themselves – a bald, buff six-packed.

She wondered why he was so interested in a shy, overweight teenager – but the calls continued. She spent her days on tour "glued" to your phone, even typing it at concerts, so she could sing her hit single Listen to the heart to him.

In the end, the tour came to an end, and the time to build the Campbell plans to collect her from the airport.

At the last minute, he sent a "friend" instead of explaining that he was too hungover to make it.

"She came with a teddy bear and a large card that said," I love you "," Donovan said, describing a friend, Olga, as a "bulldog Steady but nice, friendly, I did not get any weird fluids even"….

Set back in Sydney, and in spite of the apparently lives only a few kilometers away from each other, Donovan and Campbell will never meet. Every attempt to face-to-face contact with chased "rabies" excuse: His car will not start, a family member of the & # 39; and was sick.

"Then he turned his phone off. Then I would call Olga cried – "What's going on? Where he & # 39?;

As her emotional connection Campbell grew, so did her friendship with Olga. Knowing how strange, its location was, she discovered that lies to the family & # 39; and and friends, tells them that she and Campbell saw each other regularly, when, in fact, they have never met.

"I was just to create that big ball of lies, until one day I was like, 'There's something wrong," "she said.

But all had to get even stranger: the first sexual experience Donovan came when Campbell had persuaded her to have sex with Olga, who will act as a kind of sexual channels between them.

"I think that by the time I was just ready to do anything to see it. My intuition says: "This is not right, do not be a jerk," – but I'd put so much time and effort on it, he had to be real. He had to. "

Donovan fought back tears as Denton asked her what kept her in such a strange situation – so many signs that Campbell and Olga were in fact the same person.

"Hope. To think that one can not really do that to another person. To think of all the shit I've been through in my life … to be at this point and just all fall apart. It's very painful. "

Since deception lasted, she probed something & # 39; u and friends of Olga for more information, looking for clues.

"By the end, I became a private investigator. I would look for her room when she left; I would look for answers, because I knew there was something wrong. I would be on the phone to Campbell and say, "Oh! You just sounded like Olga. (He said): "No, I do not, if it was not a fool."

On and on it went, for six years. In the end, Donovan said Olga "angry all of your friends at a party": "I had no-one," she said.

Donovan remembered the day when she finally reached a critical point.

"I have just had enough. I was at a concert and singing natural woman on the stage, and I began to cry. I let it affect my professional life. "

On the way home from a concert, she said her manager, Jason, she would never have met Campbell. He promised to help her find the truth.

Olga lifted, and Jason began firing questions at her – her stony silence Donovan said all there is to know.

"It was my world … did, mostly. I wanted to die. It got to the point where it was just – "What ** k I have done in my life?" I'd put on so much weight. I'm killing myself with food. Insignificance, I was … I was just empty. "

She remembered the night she realized that it was all a lie, sitting on the edge of the bed of their parents and cried so much, "they thought that someone had died." Her mother, it turned out that he felt something with the situation, but he was afraid to interfere in the affairs of Olga cut her from the life of her own daughter.

Donovan says "betrayal, distrust and emotional suffering" took her a long time to get over – it is in therapy and to this day, to cope with feelings of low self-esteem, making it a prime target of catfishing.

"I'm starting to appreciate who I am and what I do … my place on this earth," she said.

Her therapy includes "talk to the family years of Donovan and ask:" How to call himself a piece of crap to make her feel I'm doing a lot of that lately. "

She still was not sure that Olga came out catfishing her – "I do not know whether it was locked lesbian who does not understand her sexuality …" – but says he forgives it plays a crucial role in the transition to life .

Incredibly, she said she saw Olga Denton Street just a few days before the interview & # 39; nd happened. Olga did not see it.

"I was in my car, and it crossed my path – and for eight years, she has never I crossed my path. I was very surprised at myself actually, I was calm, cool and collected. I would be that it is no longer me and continued my day. "

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