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The police probe baby boy "spider bite" death


Detectives investigating the death of 14-month-old boy, police said, died earlier this year after being bitten by a spider.

New South Wales Police Force Riverina region told Nine News small Kamal Bamblett died as a result of "significant injury of the abdomen," an unknown person on 13 January.

Paramedics found the little boy unconscious about 10.45am on the same day at his home in Ouagadougou NSW Riverina.

Riverina district said the autopsy showed the baby had not died from the bite of a spider.

"One hundred percent was not a spider bite, there is nothing here to show that this has happened," said Nine News crime manager Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Spliet.

According to him, the police said he died from injuries.

"It seems that the child would have died within a few hours after the blow.," He said.

"It is very likely that if some type of medical care given to their child during this period, the child would still be alive."

Police say that on the night the baby was killed, few people visited the house where the boy lived Tonnisha Sebbens mother and her boyfriend, Emmett Brown.

There is no approval Sebbens Ms. or Mr. Brown struck the suspect injured in Kamal.

Investigators are looking for information and to have a person who is of interest among the people in the house of the boy, he died in the night.

"It is very important that we seek this information from people who may know what is really gone," said Detective Spliet.

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