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Tuesday, "Grand Final" should be the last to thieves Kalambarisa


Yes, I really Observer Chef. Enthusiast who moved to the tenth channel at 7.30 to watch the culinary cooking show (soz, Leigh, catch you on the iView). I loved it from the second season, when Adam Liv hid his daring sad legally car & # 39; career cooking.

What I'm going to say much in love with the program, which was born from the victory in the local competition "Pavlova" when I was 12 years old. Thief wages George Kalambaris should be fired from producers Endemol Shine Australia program.

Brothers Mark and Carl Fennessi, joint managers of industrial companies, had to withdraw it since the opening last week that Made တည်ထောင် (of which Calombaris was director and continues to & # 39 is a shareholder), was forced to pay almost $ 8 million in size. incorrectly applied annual earnings.

And that's not all. In addition to payments in the amount of 200 thousand dollars, which the group has to pay, in Akmudsmena fair work, there is one more condition. Calombaris must give seven performances "in a way that corresponds to the usual language and the style of George Kalombarisa" to defend the preservation of the industry. Yes, he must act on food shows, such as the exhibition of Food & Hospitality Queensland in August, Fine Food Australia. Sydney in September of this year and Foodpro Melbourne.

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