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Vanessa Amorosi remembers her devastating loss to the Los Angeles Fire


When singer Vanessa Amorosi Melbourne places to live in Los Angeles eight years ago, she did not expect it – flames frighteningly close to her home away from home.

As the fire broke on the outskirts of Los Angeles in November of last year, the Australian singer filmed clips of his house, along with several other high-profile celebrities.

"Within 20 minutes, the fire was on top of us, it was crazy & # 39; yatstvam,» Amorosi reminded 9NEWS.


Then the horror of what was left behind. And Amorosi faced what she feared most.

The fire destroyed a makeshift recording studio singer.

"It was the most important thing – a shipping container," she said, adding that even more important than the house.

"Yes, I think I'd be much happier, losing the house, which is so ungrateful.

"This is where I kept all my valuables and board and everything I've worked since I was a kid, all stored here with the idea of ​​creating my dream studio.


"I had a microphone that I did some recording is stored here, collectible guitar, all my plaque."

Everything else on her property Canoga Park has survived, even eucalyptus trees.

"It's all my achievements this house," she said.

"I really can not explain it, it is indispensable that's what is so devastating."

However, the singer is trying to stay positive and see the loss of her Aussie recalled, as a chance to shed its skin and move forward musically.

With a new album in the works, her first new song, Lies Heavy Head, has just been released.


And 9News can show new Amorosi as a wife and mother.

"I've never met a real Australian, except for Paul Hogan in the movie," said the husband, Rod Busby.

This is the beginning of a new chapter for the whole family & # 39; and … and for her fans.


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