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Victoria Police: Man hit victim is unconscious, a broken jaw, then taunts him in the parking lot of the vicious attack


American musician remains in hospital with serious & # 39; oznay head injures four days after he was attacked on the way home from the show of an unknown man in the north of Melbourne.

32-year follow artist running forward after exiting the tram 86 carbon Bell St and Plenty Rd Preston Wednesday night.

The attacker chased people around the deserted parking lot before hitting him on the ground and hit his head on 11.20pm.

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Hard attack continues as the 32-year-old victim lay motionless on the ground.

After providing an innocent person is unconscious, the offender stood over the man, and mocked him.

media_cameraThe man standing over an unconscious victim of a shocking attack in the parking lot Preston shot surveillance camera. Photo: Victoria Police
media_cameraImage released Victoria Police person they want to speak in connection with the attack in Preston. Picture: Supplied

He suffered a brain hemorrhage and his jaw was broken in a vicious attack midweek.

Victoria Police Detective Senior Constable Matthew Coleiro said that there was no obvious connection between the two men.

"This is a terrible attack that it happened," he said.

"He was a victim of this, and we do not know why.

"It's incredible to watch disturbing footage."

Man lying unconscious on the parking lot for about 20 minutes before coming to himself and walked to the main road where passers-by saw the bloodied man and called an ambulance.

Paramedics treated him for head and took him to the Austin Hospital, where he underwent surgery on the brain at once to deal with the issue of blood.

Then he had another surgery to fix his broken jaw.

media_cameraThe attack took place in the parking lot.

Music has just finished performing at a site in the nearby suburb of the attack, which he can not remember due to severe & # 39; oznastsi attack.

"He's got serious & # 39; severe memory loss," said Detective Senior Constable Coleiro.

"He did not receive any support or network dependent here."

The victim had to fly home in the United States on Saturday, but was forced to postpone his trip until he recovers.

Anyone with information about the attack or who recognizes the man is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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