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Vodafone discovered vulnerabilities in Huawei set, but stuck with it because it was cheap – report


The last mini-Techa in the ongoing propaganda war saw Huawei Vodafone acknowledge find security flaws in some Huawei set in the past.

Scoop comes courtesy of Bloomberg ever headlining Vodafone Found Hidden Backdoors in Huawei equipment. Included in question are mainly internal routers and some optical service units supplied by Italian business back in 2011, which is a claim report security gap that could give access to Huawei entire fixed line network (and Vodafone denies). Vodafone told Bloomberg, that the issues have been resolved in the end, but it is far from open and-shut case.

Vodafone said it has asked Huawei to deal with the backdoor, as soon as he saw them, and said they were, but it took an additional prompting to get them a lot. In addition, some anonymous sources told Bloomberg, that the vulnerability was still beyond 2012, and is also present in the Vodafone network in other countries, including the UK. Vodafone allegedly knew about it, but it stuck with Huawei independently because they are relatively cheap.

Apparently, some in Vodafone were concerns about the safety of Huawei routers from the start and given a bunch of mistakes up, the most important being a & # 39 is the service "telnet", which allows remote access. Vodafone Italy has asked Huawei to remove the telnet and was again told that it was when the following testing showed that it was not so. Huawei then obviously shifted in the course of the game, saying it needs to telnet to configure devices, and offered to remove it after the configuration has been done.

It is reported that this caused concern Vodafone Chief Information Security at the time, Brian Littlefair, who wrote in a report in 2011: "What is most disturbing is that Huawei action in agreeing to remove the code, and then try to hide and now refuses to remove as they need to stay on the "quality" goal ".

Now, it should be emphasized that it is still far from the smoking-gun evidence of the inherent vulnerability of US security argue that there is Huawei wants to see. This material was passed a year ago, and seems to have been completely isolated. Besides Huawei is unlikely to & # 39 is the only supplier to have vulnerabilities in its routers. Having said that, this last part of the circumstantial evidence, of course, useless l for Huawei in the current environment and may also cause some reputational damage Vodafone too.

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