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What to expect from Red Dead Redemption on the site when it launches this week – Au review

Attention, this article contains spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2, read at your own risk

Red Dead Redemption 2 It is likely to be "Game of the Year" by a ton of different award ceremonies; This ruthless force design, deep in concept and brilliant in execution, to the pain of talented developers who have worked incredibly hard on their name. He also broke all kinds of records, and will continue to do so.

With this recent release, Rockstar It will also have another crack at the online experience. Red Dead Redemption online will take place in Red Dead 2 game world, and will be free and accessible to everyone who bought the game console with the corresponding service subscription.

It is likely that the state of the game on West Elizabeth and new Austin It is a massive multiplayer experience – both were pretty dull in a reproducible RDR2 the world, with armadillo hit outbreaks of cholera and several settlements in the region is not very populated. So perhaps they will make a fuss with the content of an online counterpart.

original Red Dead Redemption The game was a brilliant online analogue; the money was not part of the universe, and players can move freely in all of the original game world, doing as they please with weapons that are unlocked as players level up, like Grand Theft Auto IV«S line model.

In 2013, Rockstar rolled Grand Theft Auto Online, which had a greater emphasis on the player's progress through the grinding, resulting in foreign exchange and progress markers, such as high-class properties and cars. It was incredibly fun to start with, as there was not much to grind – and play with your friends at the time, it was incredibly fun; street racing in particular.

It is likely that Red Dead Redemption Online will follow the same path; Money-based and progression based on indicators & # 39 is that it works quite well with GTA Online, and they can take the form of better horses, or perhaps estates in RDR Online.

It is also likely that the theft may do something in retaliation in Red Dead Redemption Internet, with the number of applicants, the ability of banks across the ground of the game world. To do this, it is difficult to say which of the modes can be accessed on the Internet – free to roam seems particularly likely, but multiplayer modes can take the form of death match. It is hard to say.

However, as the Grand Theft Auto Online enters its 5th year of support, with massive updates including hover bikes and cars, as well as new robberies involving nuclear threats, grinding has become so great that it is almost impossible on its base players, to the point of which is available almost acquired importance. To do this, Red Dead Redemption Internet may go down a similar path, and something completely divergent from the desire of players to the basics of the game. However, it may be some time away.

It is also likely that the game will receive continued support through the addition of new mounts, weapons and clothing, although depending on the structure of activity, it can also mean a new mission – although that much in detail has not been confirmed once again.

One thing to be fully prepared to have errors. If Grand Theft Auto Online rode, it was absolutely riddled with errors, from the endless error loading time to a server fails, the assets are not loaded.

Beta for Red Dead Redemption Internet will play on Tuesday 27 November for those who have purchased the "final edition» Red Dead Redemption 2. On Wednesday, it will be open to those who have played the game, when he started on October 26, and the next day it will be available for those who played the game between 26th and October 29th. And finally, it will open for all on Friday November 30th. Online extra income from the & # 39 is free for anyone who owns the base game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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