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58-year-old with a knife wound to the neighbors – it is the wrong reason …


Salzburg. A 58-year-old threatened on Sunday afternoon in Salzburg-Gnigl ​​its neighbors with a kitchen knife. 49-year-old woman was to wrest the knife and cut her hands. Park in the corridor fridge, was the reason for the dispute. But it was not the only dispute in which the police had to intervene to Salzburg at the weekend.

In the old town of Salzburg was held on Sunday in the early morning hours in a dispute between several people. In accordance with the current state surveys, at least two people were injured and a parked car was damaged by thrown bottles.

In another dispute in the old town of Salzburg, previously unknown destroyed the 17- and 16-year-old from Salzburg. 16-year-old was wounded by the blows. 17-year-old told the police, was pushed in front of the local uncertainty and be relieved of his. The search for the alleged perpetrator has not yet been proven.

Dutch attacked Vienna in Saalbach

On Friday and Saturday, police were called to also fight in Saalbach-Hinterglemm in Pinzgau. On Friday, four Dutch tourists friends embraced 32-37 years before a local dispute. They crashed into a parked van in front of a local company. A 34-year-old Wiener, who cleaned after the event, called the four Dutchmen stop. Then the 32-year-old Dutchman attacked Vienna with bruises and hurt his nose. Then fled every four thugs.

Vienna and its added friend came after police agreed and followed the Dutchman. A few minutes later, there was another course to debate restoration. The man broke his finger, his girlfriend Rissquetschwunde over his left eye. He filed a complaint on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and fights Salzburg prosecutor.

On Saturday night he came in Saalbach to the struggle between Austrians and Dutch. When police arrived, four were involved in a fight at a local scale. More villains police found at the nearby restaurants. There were three Dutch people aged 23, 25 and 27 and the two Austrians aged 21 and 39 and an Austrian woman aged 35 accused of involvement in a fight. Two Austrians were injured uncertain degree, but refused medical attention. Studies performed.

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