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A live webcast of Facebook F8 Keynote 2019


On Tuesday evening (now) starts this year, Facebook developer conference. May 2, Internet network to present its traditional «F8» for developers, recent advances. especially the opening of the leitmotif here is interesting for users. It will start at 10:00 local time (19:00) with us – We report from 18:45 live, Where Mark Zuckerberg is present among other innovations in WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Oculus (VR glasses).


WhatsApp is currently working on many new features. Some of them we could see on the F8-2019 tonic. Therefore, he suggested that the expected Darkmode and more customizable design finally officially opened. In addition, the payment function may begin in other countries. In addition, for some time, reflecting on his own cryptocurrency, animated stickers and Anruffunkiton for WhatsApp Web.

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Facebook Messenger and Instagram

If Facebook Messenger Darkmode was officially released a few days ago. In addition, the service was a (design) update last year. It is a place where innovation is therefore limited. Facebook wants to show as part of the F8, how companies can use Messenger to improve your results. With Instagram, a new shopping feature should be in the spotlight. It has rolled out in many other countries (in Austria) a few weeks ago. Here, new functions can be represented.

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Oculus VR, AR

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has long been a high priority for Zuckerberg. Thus, Facebook bought Oculus. At F8 is now the market launch of the new Quest, which does not require a PC and will cost $ 399, will be announced. A subsidiary company has recently introduced a new Rift S. The new flagship can also be presented at the F8 Keynote in more detail.

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In fact, Facebook because of numerous data breaches and scandals in recent years, especially improvements in the protection of privacy and security in the spotlight. Here Zuckerberg will make even more improvements in the future. Also, a series of seminars for the artificial intelligence within the F8 will be held. The network in this field for many years at the forefront.

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