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Andrea Kiuel: settlement with the news!


Usually we know the TV favorite Andrea Kiuel always in a good mood. But when the lead recently included in the evening news, she was angry: Message about the conflict in the Middle East does not fully meet the expectations of 54-year-old.

Kiewel is disclosed in comments in the "Jewish at all," that they have absolutely no sympathy for this coverage. Said Tagesschau Einspieler began with the words "After the heavy attacks of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip …" For the owner, who was before time, even on the spot, this introduction is ridiculous.: "

She writes further: "The response of the Israeli army was on him – as the name implies – is a reaction. Man does not like Israel. You can criticize this state, take on his chest and ask him lots of questions. but you have, if you are a journalist, telling the truth. "

For Kiewel, present mostly in Israel, the message seems to distort the reality: "Thus, when the message of ARD Tagesschau begins with" after the heavy attacks of the Israeli army ", this message gives the impression that Israel launched with rockets. Israel was the aggressor. This is wrong. I put both hands on fire. I've been there. "

Once on Kiewel column was published, it spread like wildfire on the network. Of course, this is a good sign that public reporting is not always neutral, as they like to claim it yourself …

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