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Apple, not with the current charging mat AirPower «


AirPower charger pad for the wireless charging of batteries up to three devices are no longer with the & # 39; is, as the iPhone Apple company announced Friday. They had a great effort, in the end found that AirPower & # 39; m Sun sued by Apple only said that the development of European top manager Dan Ritchie hardware. He apologized to customers who were waiting for the device.

Apple's, AirPower introduced in September 2017, and then announced the launch of 2018, without an exact date. With the device should can simultaneously charge the iPhone, Apple computer clocks, and headphones AirPods, just lying on the mat.

Apple introduces new technology traditionally only recently when the Group believes the market – at AirPower so unforeseen difficulties have to be resurfaced after the presentation. The band often experimented with devices that do not come on the market at the end. But before the advertised product is not from the & # 39; is, he has not seen. In recent years there with the new devices, such as speakers or network AirPods Although delays HomePod – but in the end they came to trade in any way.

For some time, we have been media reports that Apple's, had to contend with AirPower with massive technical problems. «Wall Street Journal» writes now, Apple has removed the mat abruptly after it was shown that the production costs are very high, not loaded overheating charging pads and the individual devices, such as Apple, Watch reliably. Financial service Bloomberg reported overheating and software problems and downloading when the device to be placed anywhere on the mat.

Never have problems

End AirPower should be resolved in the short term: the newly released wireless charging case for AirPods has also been placed on the charging mat. «Wall Street Journal» has also recently announced AirPower was released for production. In addition, the recent beta version of the iPhone operating system, IOS has been found evidence to support the device.

Itself, Apple did not specify with AirPower problems. From other manufacturers, it is now charging mats for the two devices. However, they should do very well is located on certain points – and Apple's, tried to build a mat, where you could go anywhere equipment. To do this, they must be filled with numerous charging coils, as is clear from Apple's patents. The complex interaction of these coils are generally seen as a problem that Apple can not handle at the end.

In general, more and more manufacturers of batteries can be charged wirelessly. So he spent in the new version of the tablet from Apple IPad Pro, the associated magnetic on one edge of the device. the new top smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy S10 can charge your computer's clock and wireless earpiece group if they are located on the back of the phone. According to industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo it can the next generation iPhone.

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