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Austria lowers taxes: 6.5 billion euros in relief


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Austria lowers taxes – 6.5 billion euros in relief

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Austria lowers taxes on the dramatic 2020

At a press conference about the tax reform announced Chancellor short, the implementation of tax cuts. To 6.5 billion euros in aid the citizens of Austria can count from 2020.

Austrian government & # 39 is their tax promises into action. Nearly five million people are expected to benefit from the relief. Even workers with low income have the Chancellor Kurtz in the form.

Die Austrian government reduces taxes. Relief should be in the coming years, even much wider than originally planned.

Chancellor Kurtz (ANP) announced in Vienna on Tuesday, the discharge of 2022 about € 6.5 billion per year. "I am happy, if we can, that people have something left in our country more and give them a state does not take away more and more," he said Short. To date, a relief EUR 4.5 billion is being considered.

Among other things, the lower three income tax rate should be reduced from 25 to 20 percent from 35 to 30 percent and from 42 to 40 percent. The top three tax rates on annual income over 60,000 euros will remain unchanged.

Of tax cuts, but also to benefit from higher incomes, because they first go through the lower levels of tariffs before their higher share of income taxed at higher tax rates on the 48, 50 and (one million Euros), 55 percent. Finance Minister Löger Hartwig said that 4.8 of the 8.8 million people will have the benefit of reform.

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Shortly before the expected Tuesday that the citizen should have a gross monthly income of 1,500 euros per year more than 500 euros net; almost 1,000 euros per year end up in a purse on a monthly income of 3,000 euros. Therefore, low incomes benefit from the reforms, moreover, contributions to health insurance on low incomes should be reduced. Economy is released: The Corporation is expected to be reduced in two stages from 25 to 21 per cent in the year 2023rd

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