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Beet juice beverage reduces the pressure of high blood pressure resistant


Daily glass beet juice for high blood pressure

A daily glass of beetroot juice can lower blood pressure in the long term. Researchers at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem found during the study. Patients with heart failure have also been able to significantly improve their endurance. Responsible for this effect is an inorganic nitrate, which is rich is also present in other vegetables.

For all that has grass
"Against all this plant is grown," the old saying naturopaths. Thousands of years of knowledge about natural medicine in the following generation were transferred. Currently, many scientists seek to regain the knowledge again after he was shot in the pharmaceutical industry, and faith in the medicine tablets. Researchers at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, found in a comparative study of daily genossener beetroot juice can significantly improve the performance of patients with heart failure. In addition, improved blood pressure readings shown at rest and stress.

Beet juice can lower blood pressure. Image: Thomas Siepmann - Fotolia
Beet juice can lower blood pressure. Image: Thomas Siepmann – Fotolia

Inorganic nitrate content reason
Beet rich in inorganic nitrate. This situation with the & # 39 is the cause of a & # 39 is that in many studies, there was an increase of productivity. A new study in the US found that patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFPEF), creating a positive effect if they regularly n & # 39; by beet juice. After just one week of daily consumption showed that systolic blood pressure improved measurable. Services in the test were significantly improved.

In a pilot study, a total of 20 patients with hypertension HFPEF participated in NYHA class 2 and 3, the average age of 69 years. Firstly, the volunteers single dose beet juice or a placebo were administered in a cross pattern. After the so-called wash and then all Proanden part in weekly Saftkur. Each 70 ml of a daily ration comprises equal to 6.1 mmol of nitrate.

After one week aerobic endurance increased by submaximal load 363 to 449 seconds. This means that productivity has been increased by 24 percent. However, a single dose compared with placebo did not show any effect. The frequency of cardiac and oxygen uptake during exercise electrocardiography were virtually identical. (Link Research)

Stress test showed visible results
It was seen that in two doses (week as disposable) nitrate and nitrite concentration in the plasma was increased measurable. Systolic blood pressure decreased after 134 weeks to incredible 120 mmHg. If the stress test with the & # 39 is also improved through the week showed. It was not as pronounced (from 166 to 159 mm Hg), but still showed a trend-setting.

Although the study was done only a few participants, as well as the comparable period have been very scarce, the investigation must be "an important therapeutic effect" according to the principal investigator Joel Eggebeen from Wake Forest University in Winston Salem. Since the decline in performance with & # 39 is the main symptom of heart failure. Patients suffering from the constraints of everyday life. There are no drugs that achieve an increase in productivity. Only endurance training assists patients. Therefore, the doctor wrote: "Our research shows that chronic NO delivery by ingestion of inorganic nitrates with the help of diet can improve exercise tolerance submaximal."

Previous studies point in the same direction
Previous research has shown a similar trend. Consumption disposable beet juice compared with placebo led to increased exercise tolerance in patients. The study, however, the content of nitrates in two times higher than this.

Pills do not help
And there was a strange one. not with organic nitrates, however, not even negative effects were achieved. This may be because, according to scientists finds that "through a different pharmacokinetics.» Organic nitrates quickly SIEPSA in the release of large amounts of NO. "Inorganic nitrate instead provides a slower formation of NO and hence a lower but sustained vasodilation" researchers write. In addition, «NO-release is performed entirely in hypoxic regions."

But why is the administration of beetroot juice works so well? Scientists believe that "reducing systemic vascular resistance" after application. In addition, the study finds that the distribution of blood flow and blood flow in the muscles promotes. The study should be used for further, more research. And finally, "the secret should be given the benefit of patients."

Beets Health Benefits is hard to beat

It can kill the beets with healthy ingredients and blood pressure too. When it comes to a comparison between healthy food that is hard to beat beet. For more information, read the article: Unknown Star! Few products & # 39 are healthier than the inner beets.

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