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Berlin Schaubühne leaves spectators wear headphones «


Almost never talk so much, as in the theater. Even the audience understands. The audience, which can sometimes seem strange. Berlin theater currently trying something new: If the game is "the abyss" Back in May, which on Tuesday (2 April) will premiere & # 39; er, the actors have to wear a small microphone – and the viewer earpiece.

12:53, 31 March 2019

© APA (Schaubühne / Arno Declair)

"I have always been interested in a very realistic sound in the theater," says artistic director of the theater, Ostermeier Mayer, who put n & # 39; play. This time he even go one step further. "Ideally, the audience feel as if they were sitting at the table, directly involved in the party chatter heroes."

In the game there is a loud announcement of a couple who meet up with friends for lunch and got in Smalltalk. If the wallpaper to the wall? Where to buy and where it is written lavender? Or & # 39 is this is called a refugee or run away?

The first photos show a table with a spoon holder fuss. Piece makes a "smooth surface repetitive phrases and clichés current middle class educated educated," Theater of the & # 39; revealed.


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