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Blade is back – the Marvel hunt vampires – Cinema


ComicCon 2019 – a studio Marvel. Production Company "The Avengers" has presented its schedule for the next two years on the show in San Diego, with a few surprises.

Natalie Portman became the goddess of thunder in the fourth section, "Thor", and Tessa Thompson – the first official superhero LGBTQ, caused a sensation … and "Blade A" gets a remake with the main actor.


A pioneer in the genre of comics

In 1998, two years before the "X-Men" began in the era of the modern comic book movie, Blid marked his film debut. Wesley Snipes played the black hero who half vampire hunt krovapralityh their relatives. The film is dark, is not dependent on the franchise and without adults. This is one of the most unusual and best Marvel movie.

Continuation of the not so good. "Blade 2" (2002) bribed, at least, the type of director Guillermo del Toro, "Blade: Trinity" (2004), at least, Ryan Reynolds became the first major role in the adaptation of comic books.

green Paper

Mahershala Ali as the blade

On reboot "Blade" little is known. However, the main actor is already fixed. Two-time winner "Oscar" Mahershala Ali (with the "Green Book" and "Moonlight", rewarded as best actor), was introduced in ComicCon as a new vampire hunters. The start date is not fixed yet.

"Blade" – is not the only film that contains a hypocrite with Marvel template. Jared Leto takes the role of "Morbius" in 2020.

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