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Börse Express – Week 2: The German stock market defies mauem environment in the stock market


(New: stock price, the study LBBW)

Frankfurt (AFX) – The German stock market It has
the first quarter, in spite of the sad state for the exchange operator
con & # 39; yunktura stock market, thanks to the wide positioning much more
I earned. For special items such as the costs associated with workforce reductions, and
Acquisition adjusted income from eight percent to nearly 292
rose one million euros, he said in Dax
listed exchange operator in Frankfurt on Monday. beneath
It stressed the German stock exchange earned 275 million euros, eleven
Percent more than a year ago.

Net profit increased by four percent to 721 million euros.
Thus, the German stock market fell short of expectations of experts in
Income, but higher than the average forecast of analysts
clearly in profit. The Group also confirmed its forecast
2019 – respectively, adjusted earnings by about ten percent
grow revenue from its own power by at least five percent

In the first quarter, the German stock market is stagnating incomes
segment derivatives, Eurex, the largest area, and reduced
in stock trading profitably in other areas, more
compensate. "In a weak environment in the stock market, we were able to
our structurally related strengths as a systematic growth
Net income from 5 percent and diversified
"Full play business model, said Chief Financial Officer Gregory

The German stock market shares, resulting in the first minutes of trading on
dim environment by 1.4 percent to 118.55 euros and went to
Thus, once again reached multi-year high last summer
121.15 euros. The German stock market has been a good start to the year,
LBBW analyst writes Jürgen Graf in the study. He also increased
target price for three to 125 euros. This one is for some
Time to the default values ​​with the highest profit. because
Inauguration Ceos Theodor Weimer moved to the stock market value
about one-fifth to nearly 22.5 billion euros.

Weimer, the company after 2017 crisis, with repeated
once the failed takeover of the London Stock Exchange and
Insider scandal involving ex-chief Carsten Kengeter ago
calmer water. He no longer belongs to a large
Acquisition, but on selective buying, especially in areas
make the company less dependent on the changing of the stock market –
such as foreign currency or index business

Moreover, Weimer pressure on costs. It helped the German Stock Exchange
in the first quarter – yes, operating expenses declined despite
attracting business by 1 percent to 273 million euros
ago. Former boss wants HVB annual fixed costs until the end of
2020 Press for about 100 million euros.

Half of these savings will come from personnel.
In order that the jobs will disappear in Frankfurt and in low cost locations
Cork (Ireland) or Prague arises. In the end, the company should
be greater than in the past. "We intend to not only till the end of 2020
be more efficient company, but also more than one of the more
Employees than it is today, "Weimer was in on the & # 39; in reality about
The severity of the said program.

By that time, the consequences of not & # 39 are also on the supervisory board
The crisis year pulled 2017th Since the company had
Monday afternoon announced that the transaction to criticism
Supervisory Board Chairman Joachim Faber his office at the end of
The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of 2020 sets. He was in
The shareholder meeting a year ago, premature resignation over
showed his third three-year term.

About succession will be informed "in the established order." many
Problems in 2017 were now 68-year-old Faber, who was
Mid-2012, is at the head of the supervisory authority under fire
brought. The planned merger with the London Stock Exchange LSE failed
In addition, as the leaders of the German stock exchange, the plan
It seemed to be lacking in the case of Brexits B.

The Supervisory Board also brought under the chairmanship of Faber friend
Now retired German major stock Carsten Kengeter
based incentive program on the way to investigate
Frankfurt prosecutor's office for possible insider trading after
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