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Bundesliga: Salzburg title race start again


"Our goal is clear. We want to "become a champion, said sports director Christophe each Salzburg. "This, of course not, because the starting point with the & # 39 is exciting." Coach Marco Rose asked him reorientation player. "We need to curb the tunnel and go to the end now," said the German.

Therefore Rose warned before Vienna, facing the second game under coach Robert Ibertsberger. "You can say, the spirit of optimism. You come up with another game system. You are in Graz against Zenit St Petersburg played with the back three (3 0 victory in the test, n.). It was also a WAC said Robert, and we also expect that on Sunday, "Rose said. "Austrian showed against Zenit, they do a lot."

Salzburg coach Marco Rose

GEPA / Mathias Mandl

Salzburg coach Marco Rose sees his comrades in the master group called

Full concentration on the league and cup

Against Austria Salzburg has not been anywhere this season, give the opponent two 2: 0 success only one shot on goal. "It will be important to start well," said Rose, who can focus on the Champions League off completely in league and cup. "But as the opponents will have something about it. Therefore, we must be fully focused to cope with minor setbacks well. "

Master Group, first round

Sunday, 17:00

Salzburg – Austria

Red Bull Arena, SR Drachta

Possible lineups:

Salzburg: Stankovic – Liner, Ramalho, Onguene, Ulmer – Schlager, Samassekou Wolf, Junuzovic / Szoboszlai – Gulbrandsen, Dabbur

Austria: Pentz – Small, Madl, Borkovic, Igor, Martschinko – Sax, Jeggo, Grunwald, Mondschein – Edomwonyi

Salzburg on Sunday could mean another record. One is invincible, you do not leave your own stadium in the league the 40th time in a row, as a loser. Currently, the record Bundesliga still shares with Wacker, inherited from March 1982 to September 1984. The statistics do not say put an end to the series. Austria won only one of their last 16 matches in Salzburg – 3: 2 in September 2014.

Ibertsberger requires "courage in the square"

Of the last 17 meetings, only a meaningless season finale was in May 2018 4: 0 in purple. "We believe that we have something, even if our balance is now not so positive there. We go out there and want to take something definitely «Ibertsberger, who hopes to offensive game, he explained the increase. "We have very few chances created in the spring," he said the former was appointed as an assistant coach. "We need to get confidence in the ball game. We need the courage to square that was missing in recent games. "

The most recent four competitive matches in a foreign country that Austria lost everything. At eleven league away games of the season to get only five goals. The emphasis put Ibertsberger into the international break, but the defense organization. "Salzburg with & # 39 is a very difficult opponent. He's going to go on the steps in front of this new system, we have created. "It is also called a bold look." Otherwise, we will not get anything. "

Master Group, first round

Sunday, 14:30:


Lavanttal Arena, SR Altmann

Possible lineups:

WAC: Kofler – Novak, Sollbauer, Rnic, Schmitz – Wernitznig, Lindley M. Leitgeb, Ritzmaier – Koita, Friesenbichler

LASK: Schlager – Ramsebner, Trauner, Wiesinger – Ranftl, Holland, Michorl, Ullman – Goiginger, Klauss, Joao Victor

LASK expected "nasty enemies"

If Austria to take the odd counter from Salzburg, LASK can be on the ground at the start. Linzer is a series of twelve games without defeat in a duel with okatysheya WAC. In the last game in Carinthia LASK 1 was in early December: the content of the first one of the reasons why the coach Oliver Glasner has warned of the duel.

"CI is very difficult opponent plays very aggressively and make the room very tight. It will not be easy, "said Upper Austria, having access to a in pyo all his kicker apart. With the title dreams that he wants in any case not be used, he reiterated his credo: "We have to focus on what we need to succeed," And it was just always the next game..

WAC Christian Ilzer coach wants to make a difficult life again guests. Even if he knows the quality of kindness. "They have an incredible automation. Formation on paper is always the same, they are, nevertheless, very flexible. No other team is good is not so good if you are offering something, "said 41-year-old. But he referred to the previous season duel. "We acted in two games in many phases at eye level. In the first game affection are simply more effective team. "

Master Group, first round

Sunday, 14:30:

Sturm – St. Pölten

Mercury Arena, SR Ouschan

Possible lineups:

storm: Siebenhandl – Spendlhofer, Avlonitis, Maresic – Koch, Lovric, Lubich, Mensah – Hierländer, Kiteishvili – Grozurek

St. Pölten: Riegler – Meisl, Luan, Drescher – Ingolitsch, Fountas, Mislov, Luxbacher, Rasner – Gartler, Pak

Storm begins with optimism

In the carriage Puntigamer Sturm Graz Roman Malich looks with great optimism to the second stage of the season. After geschafften in the last entry in the main group, the Styrian start at home in St. Pölten and probably much too happy to make us forget. "It would be a great mistake to think that this in itself now. We must remain humble and on the ground, "warned Mählich.

Even if the team comes from St. Pölten, who cashed in his last five games, four defeats and have only a draw, it was necessary to pay attention to. "They (the youngest 0: 1) a good performance against Mattersburg. The team hard to play, "said Mählich.

Coach St. Pölten am Popovich, this is not only a return to the place of his greatest achievements player, but also a test. Kuhbauer successor was, after much deliberation, the backing of the club, now he wants to see umgemünzt benefits in the results. "Of course, I was with a couple of more points, get better at it. But when I see that the team has done, I have no bad feelings. We have a privileged position where we can get the experience, "he said Popovich was sure.

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