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Vienna. (What / irr) For four years, disputes were held in court and through the media, now you have buried the ax. Matthias Hartmann, freed from his position as director behind the Burgtheater scandal, agreed outside court with his former employer on Friday. Already on Monday it was announced that all investigations into Hartmann had been stopped; Initially, this included, inter alia, suspicion of infidelity and accounting fraud. The current peace agreement now means that ongoing civil proceedings have also been stopped. Silence has been agreed on comparative content.

In a joint statement stated: "After the termination of the criminal case against Matthias Hartmann, Burgtheater GmbH and Matthias Hartmann have drawn a line under their litigation. The Survey of the Office of the Economic Prosecutor and Corruption has revealed that against Matthias Hartmann in his previous activities as artistic director. the parties have agreed to end their mutual legal dispute and to convert the immediate dismissal announced in March 2014 into a mutually agreed termination. "This means that the director's employment relationship dismissed on 11 March 2014 has now been terminated by the prevailing collective agreement starting 31 August 2014.

Now claim
Therefore Hartmann now has a claim for a pension contract paid by the Burgtheater. This amount is around 111,000 euros, Hartmann's monthly payment can be taken from his retirement.

However, payments by Burgtheater will not be given to Hartmann. According to information from Austrian Press Agency, German theater men receive money from insurance manager responsibilities. This amount is reported to serve payment of process fees and not, as reported, additional salary payments and vacation rights.

At the Burgtheater in turn flowed almost one million euros. On the one hand, liability insurance for third-party managers makes a payment of 450,000 euros, and on the other hand, Burgtheater has received 500,000 euros from insurance auditors who were previously responsible in previous comparisons. "With today's knowledge, the parties will act differently," the joint statement said. "Through long preliminary investigations on both sides, financial, temporal and personal burdens arise, regretted by both parties."

Only the finance chief is visible
The Burgtheater scandal made headlines since January 2014. Gradually, financial inconsistencies were revealed and finally a huge mountain of debt, which seemed deliberately hidden. Both Hartmann and the commercial director were then dismissed. The latter is still being investigated because of suspected accounting fraud and fraud.


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